Coming Soon: PowerWave 10 Dual Pad, RoboVac 11S Max, RoboVac 15C Max



AirPower did not, and cannot work. That’s my point. Samsung wouldn’t have cared if it worked, they would have released it anyway (ahem ahem galaxy fold ahem).


Galaxy fold is a different story all together :grin::joy: I better not touch that topic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very true :joy:


A quick Amazon search for dual/double wireless charger pad brings up 10 different makes (Anker not listed yet) (+ more if you allow for colour choice) plus a couple are double pads PLUS a watch stand/arm charge.

So, Anker/apple/Samsung bringing out a double doesn’t/wouldn’t shock people.

Apple not bringing one out, doesn’t rock the boat or bother the other companies.


You clearly don’t know what AirPower was. It was a charging pad that allowed you to place a a device ANYWERE on the pad. The one seen above still has two coils, that you have to allign your Qi enabled device on. AirPower was completely different.

Was it worth the price? Probably not. But it was still a Super cool concept!


Still plenty of large wireless pads about.

iPhone as usual, wasn’t bringing anything new to the table, which is why after research decided against going forward … maybe more down to what they wanted to charge Vs what research said was too a high a price to pay for it.

You know the question…

If the item was $99 is this too much or too little
If $139.99 is this too much or too little

And keep on asking around different prices.


Your straight up wrong. AirPower was something completely differant that anything else. Now, I’m not giving credit to Apple since they didn’t make it work, but the concept was amazing.


Glorified toothbrush charger!

To get a little but more technical, AirPower uses induction,

That tech (as most iPhone tech) has been around for 20 years

:fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::wink: lol


Actually, induction charging was discovered by Michael faraday around 150 years ago…


Can’t wait to get more info on the PowerWave 10 Dual Pad


And I can’t wait to share more info with you once it’s available!


I’ll keep an eye on this thread and future ones


PowerWave 10 Dual Pad was recently licensed by the FCC, so its release is likely nearing, yet not quite imminent.


Seems like a couple more weeks before we hear anything new


Place holder pages up for RoboVac 11S & 15C Max on Amazon US, though specs are still out of whack…

11S Max
15C Max


RoboVac 11S Max is now available to order via Amazon for a cost of $199.99, and should begin shipping on June 14.


We need a comparison chart. I don’t understand what makes all these vaccums so differant :confused:.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see the differences. They just don’t seem so major. And for some vaccums they all seem the same :open_mouth:


Sometimes I think competition forces companies / brands to keep releasing new products versions / models even though there might not be major changes or features added to them.

At the same time, there may be features / optimization details which Brands may not want to publicize which may negativily impact the sales of the earlier / older product models.

There should a difference / comparison chart nevertheless for these new models


Could be even EUVY doesn’t know the differences.

The Robovacs are all same featured, but they are testing a " name generator".:joy:


They are turning into apple, with the s model and subtle changes but nothing groundbreaking