Beer Club Thread

Instead of clogging up other threads with our beer chatter, I thought @paulstevenewing, @chiquinho, @professor, myself, and others might post or beer-related posts here. I’ll start off with a gif I made of my most recent beer delivery:




Good work for only yesterday! :joy:
But the gif is wrong!
First the full, the emptied second!

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That looks so good! I LOVE beer!

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Next time I get some I’ll post it here lol


Why not? I’m in too for a pint :beer:

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You are far away from me!
But of course a clincking PROST from München.
But where to?

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We can do a virtual drinking night some time :wink:


Here in München its about 20:00
And I got a Weißbier ready as usual.

We are waiting for Paul from UK
Seems he escaped the prison called quarantine in our days.

Here is a great song
(The Boat)


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What a timing @gAnkster :ok_hand:

Looks like tomorrow is a National Beer Day :rofl:


There is such a day of " Bavarian Breweries" in spring.
Could be the same date.
I dont know.
But let us celebrate.
All at home!
No public parties!

But please :slight_smile:
Take part here with yourcoffee!
There is no need to take a beer for such an old friend as you are! :joy:

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It is finally early afternoon here. Is anyone still around? I have been in meetings all day.

I never even thought of it, didn’t know about such services, but I found a local brewery who deliver, you rent the growler and they take empties next delivery.

Prices are mid point between a bar and a liqour store.

So here’s the thing, if you know your history, some aspect of forced change keeps going, so if people discover this method, it will tend to end up more popular than before the lockdown.

I placed an order and I’ll report with photos when delivered (probably tomorrow).

I retired last summer. My grand plan was to be outdoors, walking, biking with all the spare time, but the lockdown has ruined that. I have beautiful camping areas about 50 miles away and I bike there, a few nice pubs 5 mins walk away. It felt idyllic so may come before summer ends.

I went to get some food today, this is the queue, 6 feet distance apart inside.

Weird times, but some will look back fondly at this time.

Thank you for your invite @Chiquinho :pray:

Will join with my coffee :coffee:

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What, no Anker Steam ?

Haven’t had a beer since November, but once this “Stay At Home” order is lifted, I know exactly where I’m going for a drink or four.

Hey @gAnkster what a great idea!
No beer for me today. This will sound terrible, but with all the preparation and painting today I forgot about beer!

I know this is not acceptable so I will make up for it tomorrow :beer::beer::beer:

Yeah! That’s just like what we have here. Such a great service. I added some social distancing cues on my sidewalk so people could get a sense as they walk past:

Congratulations on retirement! I was wondering how you suddenly wound up globetrotting, as your posts seemed like you were on the move. I figured you had clients all over the place, but retirement is better :slight_smile:

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Earlier I did a lawn estimate for this guy. He was making beer in his backyard :joy:.

Guess the quarantine was getting to him.

If you make it vs buying it, in UK works out about 1/12th the cost. Tax…

USA is about 1/3rd the cost to buy, so the reasons are fewer.

The cost is not so much a function of strength but of quality, so 12% beer costs about 5p / pint more than 4%.

For any given level of beer consumed, homebrew is healthier as it contains still alive yeast, more vit B. But in general if you lower its cost, consumption goes up.

Yes, but last I checked moonshining is illegal here.

That being said the laws aren’t very concise, so I think you can get around it (I think it’s only technically illegal if you use a still? [maybe?]).

So I just looked into it, and while it is legal to make beer at home (in South Carolina) there are regulations such as alcohol content, and amount produced per year. Both of which I know for a fact this guy was breaking. (I’m no snitch though hehe).

My grandpa used to legitimately moonshine whiskey. The process was kinda cool. I didn’t realise until I was older that what he was doing was illegal lol.

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