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yes, I agree, you guys made it a lot more interactive and the best were the dance steps :slight_smile:

It should say, Charging team is still getting up to “Full Charge” in Anker words :slight_smile:


Are the products shown just a preview, or will there be other things as well?


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I was expecting that message from you :smiley:

It’s 1am UK, 2am Germany.

It’s late for the Beer Club.


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:slight_smile: i just replied on the same on other thread, more on the days this was hosted…

May be have 2 of these livestreams on European 5pm and 2 of them during US times would be good (4 livestreams in a month… unless there are more schedules planned) … everyone gets to jump in to fun @SoundcoreAdam yout thoughts?

Everyone who works in global tech knows there is never a good time for everyone, you can only serve well 2 of 3 off Europe, Asia, NA.

I support, input to a Sunday livestream it begins 10.30pm UK. There’s still beer though.

I think future looking people, like us, should be thinking long term about how we isolate and “home office” during weather events through the year. For example, how will someone in southeast Florida escape a storm while USA is still in stay-at-home. Short-term thinkers, so not us, will be thinking the lock-down will end soon and back to normal while long-term know we have months so you have southern hurricane season, northern Tornado season, and probably winter, all with a need to not get too close to people other than those you live with.

What technology can adapt to both home and when you have leave home and not expose yourself/others to mass movements of people due to natural events.

Then there’s weather in, say, Kansas.

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Oh my gosh… How’d you find that?!

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Is that you @Insider ?

I remember seeing your site info sometime back with weather details

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I see some plagiarism of style.

But back to the thread, working from home is relatively easy, many who are forced to do it full-time now were doing it part-time anyway to a degree. What technology has not been stressed is the people who have never had to try to work while escaping weather, that is a rarer technology experience. I have oodles of it but when I hear people say they “just have a phone and its charger” they will not be able to handle a stay-at-home when home is a tent or their car. The taken for granted access to a power socket touched by dozens of hands is just not going to happen. You won’t be allowed to go to a hotel, you won’t be allowed to use public transport, you’ll be expected to flee in a car, foot, bike, and live in a field, some may have a tent they take, some will have one supplied , but there will not be Wifi and a lightly-congested LTE and no power for gadgets, lights out 9pm type. You’re kept alive, but bored.

So more emphasis on big Powercore (not Powerhouse!), flashlights, portable solar, etc is going to the “I wish I had thought of it” topic probably come August.

This specific Amazon cast is 100% USA centric, it has USA only products (e.g. powerstrip) and USA only Amazon discount codes. The USA is extremely underprepared for what is going to happen this next year, there are those who live in rural places who think it won’t impact them (it will, just later) and those who prepared for the worse and the 90% who not remotely prepared. Elevating the thinking to how to keep working, hold down a job, when you cannot work from home is something which can be solved but needs more emphasis in off-grid power (larger Powercore, solar, USB rechargeable flashlights, etc).

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Yes, that’s me!

Hey, I use a green screen, not a blue screen! :laughing:


Cool. You’ll do well.


Do you have a collection of video pics and gif bookmarked for each / every situation :joy: :rofl:

well, this one well suits it very well!

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Oh man I totally forgot about this :grimacing:

Thank @professor for sharing that video :joy::joy:
I have got to know everyone a little bit more every single day :joy::joy: Like @paulstevenewing’s quick finger ending up with 5kg bananas on other thread

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I’m kinda curious. Does this WX have anything to do with your reddit username (JoshuadWX)?

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Relates to weather station.

Josh will be along shortly to explain fully.

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Yes, wx is short for weather!

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Haha, you will see as much off topic as brand chat.
It’s a shame I over ordered bananas @AnkerOfficial 5 extra bottles of red wine would have been a better mistake to make :wine_glass: