Coffee and Tea Club ☕ (or “The Finer Things Club”)

We recently had a club join together called the beer club. I’m not so much a beer drinker, but I do love coffee!

I thought we should have a club for coffee drinkers as well (those in the beer club are still welcome :grin:).

I usually start my day with a hot cup of coffee brewed in an aeropress. I use fresh ground beans in a hand burr grinder (price is currently inflated for obvious reasons). I use freshly roasted beans from a local roaster. I generally use an Ethiopian blend because I like the fruity and light flavour of the beans.

What does everyone else do for coffee?


Glad to see a thread on Coffee (i think there may been mentions in some other threads as well)

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Hmm this is more my style since I don’t drink alcohol. Here lately I’ve been on a iced coffee kick. Mostly vanilla flavored.


OK why not!
I showed you how I prepare my morning coffee in an old way.
Porcelain Melitta Filter and paper inserts.
The photo might be stored somewhere here.

Here in München its about 22:30 (no more coffee)

But may be you like that “singing girls” Andrew

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If it gets too late, and you still want coffee You can go for Swiss water process coffee. It removes the caffeine from the beans.

What type of beans do you all make coffee with?

Nice, how about Tea lovers?


I am not a specialist in coffee.
We using the normal ground coffee offered by supermarkets.
Think those are all roasted the same way.
Not much difference in taste.
Sometimes a special offer my wife takes.
But all are fine.

I dont use any “machine” anymore.
To much maintenance.
Calcification etc.

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I’m the guy that just buys stuff on the go from drive thru’s and ever once in a while I’ll use a keurig

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I love tea as well. Various black tea blends, green tea blends, and herbal blends. I also like to add fruit nectars to flavour them.

Let’s make this a tea club as well :wink:.

@Chiquinho most coffees are roasted using the same method, but technique comes into play a lot. What temperature they are roasted at, and for how long. Lighter roasts allow you to taste more of the subliminal flavours in the coffee :grin:


Along with the roasting technique… the taste depends on the strength of coffee beans and the temperature at which coffee is served… Between 150ºF to 180ºF (try to avoid beyond 180, will burn your tongue and leave you tasteless for whole day)

We use Dark Columbian Roast… It kick starts day for me, use it with a bit of full fat milk ( started doing this recently)

Oh yes, there are very many small techniques used during the brewing process to make a “perfect cup”.

I tend to brew at a low temperature of 160 F

Later when I have more time I’ll discuss my other techniques.

I suggest you rename this “The Finer Things Club”

and the other one is “The Common Area”.


Love black coffee with just sugar :beer:

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Nice idea @TechMan
This is Is the same as when Soundcore and Eufy broke away from the main Anker forum!
I just don’t think I have time in my life to manage multiple beverage threads :joy:

Personally I don’t mind a coffee but don’t drink it at home.
I’ll have a latte or mocha at a cafe but that’s about it.

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There are differences in roasting and grinding degree.
Espresso needs another roast and grinding degree than the ground coffee

We could open a “knitting club” for men! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I would like to learn.
I know how to use a knitting dolly!
If someone needs some hints to use I can help!

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I learned how to crochet and knit when I was a kid, but I haven’t done so in years.


I mentioned the “men’s knitting club”, because there was one in my youth,
a real “weird club”
And this should be a “Finer Things Club” established now
Not such a common one, as our beer club is. :rofl:
I am kidding of course!

Those “knitters” from the club were mostly drunk
More beer than knitting.
I never took part.

What now is needed is sewing with machines (masks)
I tried only one time to sew with a machine.
Stitched my finger heavily.
Will never touch such a monster.
But I know sewing be hand. (knob)
A real “man” need that, same as cooking, otherwise he is totally lost


I like dark strong coffee, but as of late I prefer tea.

I like me tea brewed to 210 degrees since I tend to drink a lot if oolong tea, my favorite which took me a long time to really like, is dragon oolong tea. If this tea isnt brewed to the proper temperature the taste can be rather harsh and nasty, but once at temp it is very flavorful.

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I think 210 degrees Fahrenheit is (in general) the proper temperature for most teas. It’s very convenient since you just have to take the water to a boil. No messing around with thermometers.

I’ve never tried oolong tea. What does it taste like?

My sister imported some teas from Africa (Tanzania). An authentic Chai, as well as one called roibois. The chai tasted as expected with slight variation from the American version. The roibois is a very fruity flavour (almost like drinking juice). You are supposed to drink it with a special type of donut.

@Chiquinho I have a few Friends they know how to sew well, and they are making masks for people to use- since the stores are all sold out. If you use the right materials and see it in the right way, it’s supposed to work just as well.

I have to disagree, most teas are best brewed around 160 to 180 degrees. Especially green teas as I over brewing them strips them of the nutrients flavor and aroma. Ooglong and black teas require the most heat and also take the longest to properly prepare.

Oolong can be a variety if flavors, all depends what type and the quality of the leaves. This is the one I’m currently drinking

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