Anker Customer Experiences

At Anker we aim to provide more than just innovative charging solutions, durable cables, and advanced audio devices to the “20 million+ powered by our leading technology.” We want to change people’s lives for the better. That’s why our highest priority has always been the happiness of our customers, users, and fans. So we’re going to take this opportunity to share some of the feedback we’ve received from people like you!

Anker Quality

Anker started out providing safe, reliable charging solutions that, unlike those made by phone manufacturers, weren’t excessively priced. Anker has always endeavored to be your first choice by giving you the greatest value for superior products.

How do we ensure we make high-quality products? By using premium materials, advanced technology, and innovative features to create products that are safe and durable. And we know that we succeed, because people tell us:

“After a cheap ass one we bought from our local pound shop caught fire and set fire to my wife’s phone. It was terrifying as my wife had only got up a half hour earlier to get ready for work and had she not we could have slept through while the house was burning down… We took the plunge and threw away all the cheap cables and are gradually replacing them all with these Anker ones… I guess the moral is you get what you pay for and with Anker you do get what you pay for: Quality and Peace of Mind”

● “I… wanted to let you know that I’m super satisfied with the products I’ve purchased from you.Your USB charging cables have stood up to a bunny trying to chew it. :slight_smile: So, I’m very happy and ordered extras in case the bunny finally chews through my cords. Thank you!”

● “I’m just so freaking happy I got the chance to find this brand (on aliexpress) I have just received my USB charger and I LOVED it. I can’t find the words to tell you how glad am I with this purchase, and whoever sees it goes like “wow how cool is that”, “how perfect is it”. Believe me I’m not exaggerating, I have been suffering with USB chargers and after all this patience I feel like I have been rewarded. And that note of “happy”, ‘’unhappy’’ is just so cute LOL. I love details and perfection and you got it all. Keep the good work, I will always love you haha“

Superior Service

Sadly, despite our best efforts accidents happen, mistakes are made and sometimes customers are left unsatisfied. That’s when our trusty customer service department comes to the rescue! By resolving issues they ensure everyone using Anker products gets exactly what they want:

● “Thank you for the excellent support concerning the faulty ‘Soundcore’ Speaker. The replacement one arrived very quickly and, I’m pleased to say, it is now fully charged and working well… I believe you gave support such that any customer could only ‘sing your praises’ with that genuine feeling of being looked after by the supplier. WELL DONE ANKER. Over the period I have bought several ANKER products and am pleased to recommend them in terms of product range, quality of products and a faultless aftercare Service. Happy New Year to you all.”

● “Again I cannot express enough how much that I have appreciated your kind service. Nowadays, most of the companies just dodge their customers but Anker surprisingly takes care of every little detail to do it right. It is really unbelievable. Honestly, I really wish that I coud take you out to dinner but it is not practical, so here is an IOU…”

● “Hi Ariel, thanks very much. I just want to add that the service I have received from you has been absolutely outstanding. Your response times to my emails have been exceptional. There has been no confusion about what exactly my problem was and you understood immediately what was required to resolve the issue. You are a great ambassador for AnkerDirect. Please pass on this email to your manager and tell him I said you need a raise! Thanks again.”

But it’s not just about fixing problems, it’s also about helping customers get what they’re looking for:

● “… 1st August 2017, my fiance and I will be getting married…in North Yorkshire, England. As we are proud Yorkshire folk and our flag is made up of a white rose on a pale blue background we thought that the blue speaker would fit in nicely with our Yorkshire wedding theme. We will be travelling on a vintage bus through the gorgeous countryside while playing some of our favorite music to keep our guests happy… I would really like to have the the Blue Anker A7908 speaker as it has better sound quality and a longer battery life, better bluetooth range and physical volume buttons and of course the striking colour.

I understand that this item is not available to buy in the UK anymore but if it does become available could someone drop me an email please. If it were possible to get the speaker shipped to England then please also get in touch. Thank you very much for your time and assistance, have a great day."

Anker’s Response:

“Thank you for contacting us.

We were moved by the beautiful wedding you described. Best wishes to you! We fully understand that the blue speaker is important to you. We are glad to tell that we have a blue SoundCore in stock. It is our newest speaker, so the sound quality is better than A7908 and the battery life is over 20 hours. We believe you will like it.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support.”

“I had an Anker case for my 5S, then my 6S and hoping by the time I get a new phone I will have a 7S, no doubt I will get another Anker case haha.”

Our commitment to quality products and superb customer service is unwavering. Every time you send us a positive comment or let us resolve your issues you give us the opportunity to take pride in our work.

Do you have any notable Anker stories? Did we ever turn a negative experience into a positive one? We’d love to hear about your great experiences with Anker!


Never had a need (so far) to call on customer services for my Anker products but reading some of those do ease the mind should I ever have to…


emailed once on a powerline cable that frayed, had a new one within the week. can’t ask for more than that


I also only needed to contact customer service once, and it was a pleasant and painless experience to get a replacement.


Big things come in small packages!!! Anker Keep The Good Work!


I have had to contact support twice and in both occasions got about a day’s response and a good solution. The support is so good in comparison with others, I won’t name, I only buy Anker if Anker make it. I buy the technology for 5 people as that works out lower cost as we move items around to fit individual needs.


I only trust my electronics with Anker products. Not only are they high quality but very reliable. I don’t have to worry that any of my Anker products is going to hurt my electronics. I’ve thrown away (I wouldn’t even want to give them to people I know, knowing what I know about them) other brands of power banks and cables and replaced them all with Anker products. So sick of buying these cheap third party cables and whatnot, only to find out it’s not “certified” and give me the most out of it. I’ve learned my lesson, do your research before buying these “cheap” priced and quality items. Stick to Anker for all your needs. Not only are their products outstanding and reliable, but their customer service is top notch too. They care about their customers. We are not just a number to them. That’s why I’m sticking with Anker. Go ANKER!!! Thank you for all your dedicated work and outstanding products. :slight_smile:


I like most people here have only had to contact customer support once, this was because the travel pouch that came with my powercore untied itself and I couldn’t use it, I managed to tie it kind of, so I contacted anker about it and without question they sent me a new one. I always recommend anker products to everyone I know.


Got the power line 10ft as a gift and it frayed what can I do about this

standard response: email and quote your order number and serial number off the cable (if you not pulled off cable) and use warranty. Usually they just ask to confirm address and they ship a replacement. Give a working day for them to reply.


Everything about Anker seems to be amazing. Their prices and their excellent customer support, most of all I appreciate their wide range in products. They seem to have everything I need and I constantly fear they will take over my whole house :sweat_smile:

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Thanks once and always for your amazing products. Though and cool :heart::sunglasses: Love you insanely! Powering my life and my son Uploading…


I’ve never had the need either! The quality of the products beat out the original OEM stuff that came with my devices

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Hi @larrster,

Sorry to hear the problem, please send an email to with the photo and also the name of the event you got this gift. We will solve for you soon. Thanks.

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I <3 ROSA! She always makes me happy :)!!!

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Go Anker!!

Who is Rosa?

I’ve only had to once, and it is in the process now. It is about their CD card slot car mount phone holder. Magnet is way too weak.

Great! :grin:

you guys make the best battery packs for iphone, hands down.