Anker Community: 2022 Rewind & 2023 Kickoff

Hey everyone,

We hope everyone is having a strong start to their year! Some of you may be wondering where we’ve been, so here’s a quick recap of our extremely busy 2022. We can’t wait for what’s to come in the new year, so make sure you all stay tuned to see what’s coming in 2023!


Anker GaNPrime™

2022 saw the launch of our best multi-device fast charging lineup yet - Anker GaNPrime™. “Anker’s New GaNPrime Chargers Are Faster, Smarter And Greener” - Forbes

This is our most intelligent fast charging multi-device line yet, leaving you more time to be productive with your multitasking. GaNPrime™ Fun Fact: If every household in the US used our GaNPrime™ products in place of non-GaNPrime™ products, the amount of power saved could be up to 796.39 million kWh per year. This would power Hawaii for 30 days!

Anker Nano 3

Just when you thought we couldn’t make our smallest charger even smaller…we did. By swapping out silicon for GaN we’ve been able to fit 30W of power into a charger that’s just 1.12 inches thick, and 70% smaller than an original 30W charger. Anker Nano 3 Fun Fact: Nano now charges EVERYTHING. Charge an iPhone 13 to 50% up to 3 times faster than an old 5W charger, or to 100% in 1.6 hours.

Charge your iPad Air (5th generation) to 50% in just 45 minutes.

Deliver 30W max charging to your MacBook Air or other laptops.

Eco Friendly

At Anker, we recognize that e-waste is a global problem and we have the responsibility to tackle it. We’ve taken steps in 2022 to start this process, with more planned in 2023.

PowerHouse 757 and 767

The Anker PowerHouse 767 is our most powerful PowerHouse yet! With a massive 2048Wh capacity and huge 2400W AC output, it can power 99% of appliences, making it perfect for off grid living or backing up power for your home. The 767 features wheels and a retractable handle giving it the ability to get anywhere with ease.

The Anker PowerHouse 757 is equipped with a 1229Wh capacity and 1500 wattage, giving it the ability to charge your personal laptop up to 16.8 times. Not to mention it can also power a mini fridge for 22 hours, making it perfect for a tailgate for a big game or camping off grid.

The big question we have is…What Anker product kept you fully charged in 2022? :zap:

Now if you thought 2022 was exciting, we can’t wait to share with you much more throughout 2023!

[We will have news coming for you very soon on our latest new product. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, just so we can work harder to make this community a more fun and engaging place to be, please help us by sharing what you think is important to you here:


The most important part of the Anker Community for me is:

  • a) I want to participate in contests/giveaways
  • b) I want to discuss the latest tech news with friends
  • c) I want to read product reviews
  • d) I want to share support tips with other members
  • e) Other (Let us know in the comments below!)

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What I will never do is using those unsocial media.
Zwitter, Instantgramm and Ticktack. (sic)
So this is the only place I will participate and I do this now for many years.

The survey is not made perfectly.
I want to mark ALL
But its not possible.


What is the most important to me is the combination of all your multiple choice answers! I read reviews, talk with other community members, I leave reviews as well as feedback, and I learn about the latest tech that is out. That is what I really appreciate about this site!!


I think it is the time now to use this platform as platform of learning. Without being specific to any company product. Reason being we have many members who want this to happen. I think so!


Opportunities to impact product development and offer feedback (community reviews) are a highlight of this forum.


I agree with what others have said. If I wanted just giveaways, I could get email correspondence from Anker to enter a contest. If I wanted just reviews, I could look them up on Amazon or YouTube. If I needed just support, I can always Google or reach out to Anker Support.

The part about the community I have loved over the years is the relationships between Anker users and each other as well as Anker employees. The dialog that happens when ideas are being thought of, or when a difficult issue is being solved. That’s what drew me to join this community and to stay active in it.

I’m not going to lie, I love me some giveaways and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to test out products before they hit the market… but being able to share in other people’s excitement as they get to win a contest, or cheering on another Community Member that is in the final running for a contest… THAT is part of what makes this a community and THAT is what has been missing.

No matter the results of the above poll, I hope that Anker will reignite the COMMUNITY aspect of this space.


I miss the old Anker Community. Where we had fun discussing new products, testing them out, and giving our thoughts and experiences with the products. It wasn’t as much about the giveaways as the buzz of a new product. We got to know each other. Ever since they did all the giveaways on their social media, this community has faded. I hope that Anker hasn’t lost sight of the faithful old members of the community. We are still here, awaiting a revival of the community. Just my 2 cents.


I will echo what others have said: I like being (at least partially) involved in the product development and providing feedback.

For example, it’s fun voting on which design we like best as we did in this poll and reading each other’s feedback and learning how we each perceive different aspects of the product.


E: All of the above.

Take any of those out and it isn’t a community.


I’ll reiterate all of the above. Helping people with problems (d) isn’t bad. Discussion with friends is good. Product reviews can be good. And contests and giveaways keep things interesting and entertaining, bring more people back, and generally facilitate all of the others.

The new docks look great, BTW. Should be a good year.


All of the above in the poll (which doesn’t allow one to select that).


The cynic in me thinks this it the last contact we will have for another few weeks…or months…

As to the most important parts, well A to D are what attracts and keeps people here however without engagement from the brand/site admins or even the office boy/girl…the community just kinda stays in limbo…loyalty of customers has tendency to go…

Also the fact that loyal community members (who have posted more than the admins) are often overlooked in favour of social media influencers et al on beta testing products (or ideas), giveaways etc

Just a few thoughts…


What happens to our Powerbucks?

Your links to unsocial media is an insult, it’s like this place is to get to other places.


One has to find a way to change them for bitcoins! :rofl:


Let them do their job at these unsocial media.
I really don’t mind, because I will never join those.

“beta testers” show up at soundcore’s forum now and ask how to test their devices.
These are the kind of high qualified tests
will be made by high qualified testers in the future.! :rofl:


I’ve beta tested more than a few devices from Anker / Soundcore. I was always invited…I never requested/asked. I believe that’s the way it should be done. Past testing experience should also come into play.


I have already mentioned.
Those testers are the best who don’t know how to test.
So they will test nothing.
Only searching for some text, “copy and paste” and test is done. :rofl:

Learning & sharing product specs and diagnosing problems making suggestions on product revisions

I miss the Good old days before the forum was fractured by the creation of the soundcore forum after rebuilding our forum to then abandon it @AnkerOfficial I never understood that decision why Anker? why?




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Id love all of the above I loved what the community used to be I loved writing reviews and testing products and talking about what was to come and helping new and old users with their problems. I love getting to talk with friends on here and watch community grow as we all share a love for the same Anker. I was sad when they moved so much to social media as it doesn’t feel very social at all. I was sad when there seems to be no use of powerbucks anymore ( I wish I could use them to buy the Ankermake 3D printer) I think personally it would be better to not have split fully into so many sites.

This post has me really hopefully for the future I hope it goes well. I stayed along with others even when it felt all hope was lost