Anker Community: 2022 Rewind & 2023 Kickoff

Rhetorical as I’m sure they are not reading this to answer.

At the time they wanted a new brand to not be associated with batteries. They also made a focus on music I suspect for their failed attempt to be linked with a streaming service.

A big part of this was also Lawrence (Loz) who worked within Anker’s HQ then left for NZ then returned working remote (lockdown) now is freelance. Looking at the careers of those fluxing in and out at Anker there’s clearly more interest in being in the “big” SM platforms than reference their skills there.

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I replied here: Is this community dead and does Anker care?

Hiya! New admin is now on board with Anker. It’s me! You’ll see a lot more engagement here than you have in the last nine months, and in time my hope is that you’ll have a fantastic experience overall with the brand and other members. Thanks for asking. I appreciate it @dezsweeps


Welcome to the community feels like a thing to say to the Admin but Welcome to the community :joy:


Hallo, what a great miracle has happened.
Someone from the staff shows up.
Incredible. :laughing:

You are welcome here.

There are a few of the “very old regulars” left here.
But I am sure others will show up when the forum is brought back to life again.

You should listen to their proposals, because they know a lot about Anker and its products.
This knowledge of these regulars is a real treasure.
Anker has to care about it by not neglecting the forum anymore as it was done in the past.


Looking forward to it! Thanks, AO!

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You said it, man. (Thanks Dude!)

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Here … but barely. The backend of this forum is not like Reddit :rofl::joy: Thanks for bearing with me as I master this ropes course of community.


Dang… wished you came a little earlier. I just bought AirPods 2nd gen today and they are amazing :slight_smile:

Ha! At this point, I’m not able to support Soundcore, but you can see my reply and reaction to your comment on the Admin Who Dis thread, lol.

I really hope a lot of the other regulars come back as the community come back to life the few that stayed were great btmut it was lonely missing the rest of the anker family


Me too. :smiley:
But we, because we never surrendered, we won at last. :joy:

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Grateful for the hardcores 4 eva!

May be you could use not such “special English”.
For those like me its often not easy to understand.
But I am a minority, I know.
You see me as the one of the really last Neandertaler. :rofl:
Uneducated and living in caves,

But we do our best!


I’m sure they will once they see activity has resumed. It would help if Anker would consolidate all of the communities into one

I’m 0.5% Neanderthal maybe we’re cousins :rofl: