Anker Amazon Deals (US)

So I was told by @professor that we can’t edit older threads anymore so decided to start a new thread that I will try to keep updated (not as often as before though but will try my best). Anyway so this is the Anker deals section and I will create a Roav and Nebula thread as well separately.

Portable Chargers

  1. PowerCore Essential 20000 PD - $34.99 (after $15 discount coupon)

  2. PowerCore+ 26800mAh - $129.99 ($10 discount)

  3. PowerCore+ 19000 PD w/ USB-C Wall Charger - $69.99 ($10 discount)

  4. PowerCore 13000 - $25.49 ($10.50 discount)

  5. [Upgraded] PowerCore Slim 10000 PD - $29.99 ($10 discount)

  6. PowerCore 26800 - $59.99 ($5.99 discount)

  7. PowerCore Slim 10000 - $19.99 ($6 discoun)

Wall Chargers

  1. PowerPort Atom PD 2 - $45.99 ($4 discount)

  2. PowerPort 6 - $20.99 ($5 discount)

  3. PowerPort III Duo - $20.99 ($7 discount)

  4. PowerPort III Nano - $11.99 ($6 discount)

Car Chargers


  1. USB C 5-in-1 Hub - $19.99 ($4 discount)

  2. USB C PowerExpand Direct 6-in-1 Hub - $44.99 (after 10% discount coupon)

  3. [Upgraded] USB C 5-in-1 Hub - $29.69 (after 10% discount coupon)

  4. USB C PowerExpand Direct 7-in-2 Hub - $53.99 (after 10% discount coupon)

Power Strips

  1. PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini - $29.99 (after $4 discount coupon)

  2. PowerPort Cube - $16.99 (after 15% discount coupon)

  3. PowerPort Strip 6 - $27.19 (after 20% discount coupon)

  4. PowerExtend USB-C 3 Capsule - $59.99 (after $10 discount coupon)

  5. PowerPort Strip 3 - $17.99 ($5 discount)


  1. Powerline II USB C to Lightning Cable (3 ft) - $14.99 ($3 discount)

  2. Powerline+ Lightning Cable (3ft, 2-pack) - $15.99 ($6 discount)

  3. Powerline+ II Lightning Cable (10 ft) - $18.69 ($3.30 discount)

Wireless Chargers

  1. PowerWave 10 Dual Pad - $39.99 ($6 discount)

  2. 5W Metal Fast Wireless Charging Pad - $27.99 (after 30% discount coupon)

  3. PowerWave Pad (2 pack) - $19.54 ($3.45 discount)

  4. PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand - $15.99 ($6 discount)

  5. PowerWave II Stand - $35.99 ($4 discount)


  1. Alkaline AA Batteries (48-Pack) - $15.99 ($3 discount)

Docking Stations

  1. PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1Dock - $269.99 (after $30 discount coupon)

Roav Deals
Eufy Deals
Soundcore Deals
Nebula Deals


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Could be made longer with a small tweak :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice discounts :+1:

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Just FYI I have added links to Eufy and Roav threads here (above)

Good luck keeping this updated appreciate the hard work and effort


Thanks. I’ll try update it as much as possible. Btw aren’t you in college too?

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Yes I’m currently studying to get my bachelors degree in computer engineering

Oh nice I’m CS getting bachelors too. How is it going for you?

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It was better when it was in person a little harder online but so far so good how about you?

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It been about the same for me tbh. A little challenging to make sure I don’t procrastinate too much lol

Yeah I feel that and not all teachers were as good online as they were in person

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Oh yea that’s very true

I’m curious to see how next semester goes and how they will structure it

Yea but I kinda want an option to stay online since I travel in public transportation and I don’t feel very safe with others not taking the same amount of care as me. Here they said it’ll be hybrid for a lot of classes and in-person only for labs and stuff where physical interaction is necessary.

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I dorm so I’m hoping they make the decision soon so I know what to plan for. They have mentioned possible hybrid which would be great for my microcontrollers lab and other labs where I have to wire things but I’m also not sure how careful everyone else is and where the world will be at that point

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Yea I wonder how they’ll handle international students as well. Not everyone can come back. Plus how will they have enough space for everyone to dorm because in my uni they said dorm rooms will only have 1 or 2 people and no more.

@Insider @ndalby @professor What happens if the threads are edited daily or just within the time the 2 months complete… In this case the thread can be edited unlimited times… Or is there a limit?


Yeah that’s what I’m not sure about. I wish you luck with however it turns out and hope you stay safe through it all

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Same to you too dude!

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