Roav Amazon Deals (US)

So as I stated in the Anker deals thread, I can’t edit my previous Roav deals thread so I’m creating a new one here. I’ll try my best to keep it updated.

  1. C2 Pro - $129.99 ($20 discount)

  2. T2 - $26.99 (after $3 discount coupon)

Anker Deals
Eufy Deals
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Nebula Deals


Thanks for sharing

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He’s back! :+1::clap:

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Just FYI I have added links to Eufy thread here (above)

Thank You!

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Just updated discounts. Deal on Duo is worse now than before so keep that in mind

Updated deals with 2 new discounts

Deals have been updated. Will update other threads today after my classes and assignment

Updated deals again

Deals have been updated again

Updated deals here