Roav Amazon Deals (US)

So as I stated in the Anker deals thread, I can’t edit my previous Roav deals thread so I’m creating a new one here. I’ll try my best to keep it updated.

  1. T2 - $26.99 (after $3 discount coupon)

  2. DashCam A1 - $46.99 ($9 discount)

  3. F0 - $12.70 ($4.29 discount)

  4. Jump Starter Pro 1000A - $79.99 (after $20 discount coupon)

Anker Deals
Eufy Deals
Soundcore Deals
Nebula Deals


Thanks for sharing

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He’s back! :+1::clap:

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Just FYI I have added links to Eufy thread here (above)

Thank You!

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Just updated discounts. Deal on Duo is worse now than before so keep that in mind

Updated deals with 2 new discounts

Deals have been updated. Will update other threads today after my classes and assignment

Updated deals again

Deals have been updated again

Updated deals here

New deals updated after a while

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Thanks for the updates!

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Updated deals. I won’t be able to update this thread after tomorrow (or starting tomorrow :thinking:)