A Summer To Remember

Back in April we thought of some great ways to enjoy the summer with all the hottest Anker gear.

Now that summer’s in full swing we’re making our way through our summer bucket list; there’s barbecues on the beach, partying until dawn, jetting off on vacation—the list goes on! But there’s always room for more, right?

We’ve prepared some awesome audio bundles for you! For a limited time we’ve got four great deals to make your summer the best yet.

First up: it’s a night to remember with our Party All Night Bundle—a SoundCore Boost speaker for up to 12 hours of incredible sound with a Selfie Stick to record all those unforgettable memories. Use Code ANKSUN77 to grab this bundle for $79.99.

Afterwards, why not enjoy some Fun In The Sun with SoundCore Sport—our ultra-portable speaker with Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones to keep the tunes coming as you go for a run or relax by the pool. Use Code ANKSUN55 to get this combo for $57.38.

If you’re a thrillseeker the Wild Adventure bundle is the perfect fit—our shock resistant SoundCore Sport XL speaker with 15 hours battery life with Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones will follow you to the remotest locations and wildest terrain. Use Code ANKSUN55 to snatch up this bundle for $87.49 .

And last but not least, Beat The Heat with SoundBuds NB10 + Armband (code: ZMP4NJ58) for a cool $39.88— these sweatproof earphones will keep the tunes coming no matter how hot your workout gets.

All you have to do is visit Amazon.com, add both products to your shopping cart, and enter the code when prompted. Only black SoundBuds Slim may be included with this discount bundle. This code is not valid if both products are purchased separately.

But wait… That’s not all—we’ve also got an incredible giveaway for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a bonfire on the beach or camping in the wilderness, there’s always a point in the evening when someone wants to watch a movie or show you a cat video on YouTube. But let’s face it, squeezing around a phone screen is no fun at all.

So to help your summer evenings fly by we’re giving away a Nebula Mars Portable Cinema to one lucky user! To enter, just answer the question “What challenge have you set yourself this summer?” in the comments below and share your post on Facebook or Twitter:

GOOD LUCK! :grin:

Competition rules:

  1. We’re giving away one Nebula Mars worth $600. Just leave an answer to the question “What challenge have you set yourself this summer?” in the comments below and share your post on Facebook or Twitter: ( We will, according your sincere comments, select the prize winner)

  2. Country: US only

  3. Prizes are limited to one per person.

  4. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues.

  5. Event runs from August 7th 00:00 PDT to August 13th 23:59 PDT

  6. Prize will be shipped before August 31st 2017. When the event has ended we’ll email the winner.

  7. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


My challenge for this summer is not to be super lazy and go out for longer walk more often


my challenge for this summer is to travel :airplane::blue_car: more often to new places :earth_americas: with friends and enjoy nature and new cultures.

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What challenge have I set for myself this summer huh…


I have many but I’d have to say that losing my weight and becoming fit again has been my #1 priority. I wouldn’t say I am doing well though…I need motivation.


The challenge I have set my mind on this summer and many more summers to come is to finish my schooling and earn the title of “M.D” :blush:


@AnkerOfficial would have loved to have seen this one for Canadian residents as well…this is an amazing prize and good luck to our friends south of the border


My challenge for the summer so far has been trying to DIY most of the projects on my house. I have found it to be much more fulfilling and satisfying to do it myself and with the help of my friends. It is a lot of fun pushing yourself to learn more skills that you can use and help others with. Along the way, have run into some hitches, but nothing that I couldn’t figure out or ask for help of someone else who is knowledgeable. All of my audio products from Anker have been pivotal in my work to keep my mind at ease when working on the more stressful projects.


Thanks again, @AnkerOfficial !

I set a challenge to become healthier, enjoy family, enjoy each day better than the last. This includes having more of an open mind, giving up a little “control” with my daughter.

"Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow is a MYSTERY, but today is a GIFT. That is why it is called PRESENT.”

Enjoy Life!



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My challenge is to get stronger to help with a plane pull fo the Special Olympics


Good luck everyone. US Only rules me out but I’ll be green with envy when the winner gets announced lol

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Our challenge this summer has turned out to be not one we’ve set or even we’re looking to do in the near future. My father has been taken I’ll on a few occasions Since the end of June and my sister is getting married in just under 3 weeks. So our challenge is to get him out of hospital and walking her down the aisle even if we have to take him back to hospital straight after.

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My challenge is to get out more… go for walks, start running, and cutting down on my sugar intake. Just enjoy the summer … fun in the sun with my hubby and our chihuahua. :slight_smile: Just make memories. :wink:

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I always wondered why you were standing in front of that plane :joy:

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My challenge to myself is to come to terms with and overcome a recent diagnosis which has put me off my feet.


My challenge for this summer is get my kids fit and man that’s a tough :fearful:

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What challenge have I set this summer? Honestly my summer challenge was to survive, but also to lose weight :confounded: I really just wanted this summer to come and go peacefully and so far it’s been bad. But on the good side, today’s my birthday!!! :tada::tada::birthday::tada::tada:


Haaaaappy Birthday Friend! :grin: May you have a great day today and eat some cake for all of us!


I think it will be a huge motivation, if you win a nebular mars…isn’t it…:joy::joy::joy:


My challenge is get a good job that best suit me:smirk: