Anker Gear For Summer Fun!

Summer is just around the corner and Anker’s got the gear to help you start it off right. We’re offering 20% discounts on great products to help make this summer your best one ever.

So you can do things like:

Nature starts calling when you’ve got free time, and PowerCore II 20000 will make sure your phone has the power to answer. Take photos and videos of the great outdoors, search the web for instructions on how to set up your tent, or Google what to do about that bear wandering into your campsite.

Hiking is a fantastic way to get some exercise and see some stunning views and natural splendor. Wait… Hiking is just walking a long way with terrible phone signal! Let SoundBuds Slim deliver crystal-clear sound to keep you upbeat and encouraged throughout your hike/gruelling marathon of hate. Super lightweight and comfortable so you can relax and enjoy yourself…:joy:

If you want to push yourself even harder, SoundBuds Sport NB10 are the earbuds you need. They’re water-resistant and provide a super-tight hold.

You can also pick up the super convenient Buds Buddy carry case, perfect for carrying your earbuds, cards/cash, your lucky rabbit’s foot, or emergency contact details for when you’re discovered in a collapsed heap.

What better place to spend a hot summer day than at the pool, the lake, or the beach? Oh, you never actually started at the gym and now your six-pack is hidden behind a soft layer of squidge? Just start the beats with SoundCore Sport Bluetooth speaker. The tunes will get people dancing and a big but helps with the twerking. It’s water-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof so you can start the party absolutely anywhere.

Road Trip
Wherever you plan to go, you’ve gotta get there somehow. For most people that’s going to mean driving. If hours on end crammed into a car with your friends or family isn’t your favorite thing to do, there’s probably something wrong with you. Even so, your phone or tablet can make a world of difference in keeping long car rides bearable. PowerCore Turbo provides plentiful power and comes with a high-speed car charger to keep you distracted from boredom and the interminable game of eye-spy.

The Discounts
Pick them up on amazon and use the codes to get a huge 20% discount for 72 hours. Though SoundBuds Slim and Buds Buddy case are bundled together for the discount.

PowerCore II 20000
Regular Price: $43.99
Deal Price: $35.19

SoundBuds Slim + Buds Buddy Carry Case
Add to Shopping Cart together to get 20% OFF
Code: BEST3501

SoundBuds Sport NB10
Regular Price: $39.88
Deal Price: $27.99
Code: BEST3260

SoundCore Sport
Regular Price: $39.88
Deal Price: $29.99
Code: ANKCOM77

PowerCore Turbo
Regular Price: $49.99
Deal Price: $39.99

How will you power up your summer?

Discount Rules:

  1. The discount runs from April 28th 00:00 PDT to April 30th 23:59 PDT.
  2. US only

:joy: :joy: This article is hilarious!


Hmm…could have been worded better :laughing:

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It doesn’t feel like community exclusive when outside of this community you can see bigger discount codes

e.g from 4 days ago

So come to this community and pay $40, don’t come to this community and pay $30



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It’s Friday


I know and if you pause and think its also somewhat contrived.

Right is if you’re camping, is that car camping or backpack camping? If you’re backpack camping then you’re counting ozs and cubic inches, the Powercore II 20000 is not the best in this regard, the Powercore 10000 is best on weight and size when also considering price. If you were off-grid then carrying two Powercore 10000 is going to be more reliable than one Powercore II 20000.

So the downsides of earbuds is you are more disconnected from the outside world, if anyone was to be attempting to walk past you then you risk not hearing them. A Soundcore Nano would be more likely a safer option for hiking.

Mention of swimming and yet the product is a big speaker you could not actually use when swimming. It is not waterproof. Useful would be a waterproof pouch to keep your mobile dry with you when swimming.

Road trip
In all the other photos you show lots of people, so would not the Powerdrive 5 so to give 5 lots of 2A to leave the car with lots of charged devices be better? The Turbo mentioned makes a corner case best sense when you have SHORT times in a car and need a fast recharge. By definition a road trip is a long time on the road, so more ports is more appropriate than a rapid recharge powerpack.

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Nice product recommendations, @nigelhealy! But, regarding “Swimming”, isn’t the SoundCore Sport IPX7 Waterproof?

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IPX7 is upto 1 meter.

So e.g. if you took it with you in a swimming pool which you’re able to dive into would be likely 2M deep so if it went below 1M it would have double the water pressure it is rated for.

So really that’s rain, accidental dropping into shallow water, not swimming, because swimmers usually want at least 5ft of clearance > 1 meter.

It would have to be IPX8 for swimming with


Nigel dropped another knowledge-bomb! :thumbsup: Thanks!


Wonder what a Soundcore Nano inside a waterproof bag sounds like???


There’s a thought and I do have a spare :smiling_imp:

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He may just be the human Alexa. Full of knowledge and unseen. :joy:


great offers! :heart_eyes:

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Stay tuned, new campaign will coming soon.:sunglasses:


Thanks for the info on the water-resistance rating! I don’t think I’d be keen to take a speaker into the water with me, though… Maybe if I wanted set it on a float in the middle of the pool or something, then IPX8 would be necessary. Keeping it near the water, rather than in it, sounds like IPX7 is more than enough

Seems like you post a lot of cool info. What blogs do you normally read to keep up with all of this?

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So that’s not swimming, that’s being in a pool.

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Hey! Any info on whether there will be an Anker SoundSync Drive with Bluetooth 4.1? Thanks for the info!