Coming Soon: PowerConf S30

Anker is developing a new Bluetooth speakerphone… Take a look at PowerConf S30!

While details are currently unavailable, @professor provides some insight into what might be coming:

What are your initial impressions of Anker’s PowerConf S30? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Sounds interesting about features, but NOT thrilled about the cloth like top cover…just going to attract a lot more dust, the existing stylish plastic is better…

Not too thrilled about the Transcription service either, this is now available on most web conferencing services as well as on desktop applications … will keep watching whats new on this.

Thank you for the update @Insider

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A patent doesn’t mean a product will arise, could be just they think they thought of a good idea first.


very much possible, hope to see more features / improvements in S30 (looks like name is picked from Galaxy S20 :wink: )

Not sure if the Beta testing is going on for this product now… :smiley: would have loved to be part of! doing another one though :sweat_smile:

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Looks great, but I agree with above, the fabric will just attract stuff from every day life :grinning:

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Good to know, thanks for the update @Insider :+1:

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Like it @Insider
I like the cloth cover design. Looks less, well, less cheap!

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Looks like a CD player to me lol

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I love my PowerConf

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