Celebrating the Community’s 3rd Birthday | Gifts Inside!

Thank you for your love! You can also share the love with your friends! We have eufy security referral program in the US! You can check it out to see if you need it!

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Sweet! Thank you for your appreciation, we are really happy to hear that.

Oh you are one of the winner from our #JustLikeNew event! It’s good to see you again here!

Wow thanks for sharing, I’d not stumbled into this just yet. I mean I’ve been jamming, and so has my neighborhood whether willingly or not, to my tech gear find (and deal!) of the summer; ***Flare+***!!!

Honesty I love this baby! Never too far from my side, which has only once resulted in an accidental bass-thumping dive into the :merman:bathtub. Super relieved when I remembered this gem is as durable as it is the ever-portable MORNING symphonic snooze buster. Besides it was an unbearably HOT​:fire:summer in Dallas, a brief float in the water is all anyone could ask for! :laughing::musical_score::sparkles::ice_cube:🤿

So uhm yeah, hehe, thanks!

One of my favorite moments is when I won PowerCore Fusion 5000
It was the first time I had won anything online. And I’m excited to win again :heart_eyes:

Happy birthday :tada:

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Happy birthday Anker!

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My Best community moments was, when my t-shirt design was selected in the top 10 by Anker team, I got lots of good comments on my creation, It was my best community moments.
here is the link of my design: Anker Fan Swag Design Contest

I like the first one!
Once again!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

congrats @AnkerOfficial its been a great run so far keep it up

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There are many creative team members vote for your design!!! You are undoubtedly did a good job on this!:100:


New here. Long time Anker user. Now trying Eufy. Hope to win something.

Why am I always too late for the good stuff? I need a mystery box in my life! :rofl:

All great contests @Ankerofficial it was fun 10 days :+1: Congratulations to winners of all the contests :+1:

1. #3YearAniversary Story Campaign

2. Auction House | 3 Year Anniversary Edition

3. Land a Lucky Number | 3 Year Anniversary Edition

4. PowerDraw for 1 PB | 3 Year Anniversary Edition

Once again a Happy Birthday to you @Ankerofficial and Anker Community!!



Think we all loved the contests.

We want more.
We are greedy, not because of the gifts, because of the fun we had!


Land a Lucky number & Auction were the best :+1: and I enjoyed the most!

Hope we have more of the Lucky number contests… but with the tweaks

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Yeah, couldn’t keep up with the pace of lucky numbers… didn’t hit any with XXXX3
I woke up in the morning thinking that I won the Auction as nobody else seems to be interesting except me and @ndalby at the end it was surprise to me that @Shenoy bid the last one.

it was pretty close with @ikari04warrior bidding at 12:00… just … just managed to win… not many PBs with me as well :smiley: this was the main reason i had hidden my profile :smiley:


Yeah, saw that you and @ikari04warrior had a tough fight!

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