Zolo liberty earbud problem

Hello everyone… well i’ll star by saying that i was súper excited to get my zolo earbuds, they sound very well, i just has a little trouble getting the rigth fit but i finally got it. Today is my 4 day using them and sudenlly i didnt hear the left earbud… so am very dissapointed, i dont know how to make it sound again, the press button stil responds but theres no sound, am very sad, any advice? Plz


Hi @Vivian_Villagran , have you tried forgetting and pairing the earbuds again?

I did it, still nothing :pensive: there brand new, what could be wrong… i haven’t even drop them

Try long pressing both earbuds at the same time about 5 seconds until you hear nothing from both. It seems to disconnect them from each other as well as your device.
Now press the right one on first followed by the left one about 1 second each, then just wait a few seconds for the audible tone and place your audio.

If this doesn’t reconnect then you may have to place them in and out of the charge case briefly.

Let me know if this helped

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Both earbuds seems to connect ( i only hear the paired sound on the rigth earbud) but i hear the music only in the rigth one. I know the left one is connected because i can pause the music with the press button of the left earbud :pensive:

Hi @Vivian_Villagran,
Did you try these steps in the manual? If that doesn’t help, please reach out to service@zoloaudio.com for further assistance. Thanks!


Unfortunately at this point it sounds like they may be defective. One last thing to try and you probably already have is to re-charge. sometimes when I place mine in the case one bud or the other doesn’t line up properly. Make sure you get a white steady charge light. The button may still work with very low charge but the sound transmission may require more battery. Failing this contact support as per @TechnicallyWell post above.

As you said i did recharge them, i’ll contact support, i hope i can get a solution y really love the zolo :pensive: thanks for the help :grin::wave:t2:

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Same problem to me from yesterday… I’m leaving the earbuds out of the case to let them discharge and then I’ll try to recharge to make a real reset.

I have the same problem. Resetting the earbuds don’t work though. I can only hear static on the left earbud and it appears to be disconnected from the right earbud as I can put it in the charging case and the right earbud would stay on.

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Incredibly, a way to have a louder sound was to suck the defective earbud like you would do to siphon the gas without a pump, as suggested in this post:

Anyway, the right earbud sound is still lower, and this compromises the quality of listening.
I’m going to write to Anker support.

I Have the same problem since i open my order…

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Try This

Hay guys just join the community.
While going through the comments it makes me feel that zolo liberty is better then the PLUS.
Just need to know if the liberty or plus works good while on a bike without helmet??? What I assume that the air may disturb the voice while on a call

Having the Zolo liberty for a few weeks, and the sound is amazing, but: the left earbud drops connection frequently, but i could not figure out the cause. Re-Paired but issue is still them same. also connection drops when phone is in the pocket (android huawei mate 10 pro). Haven’t figured out a solution, it seems that sometime shaking my head helps.

Good day
After a couple of days research I came to know;

1.Bluetooth RF signals/rays travel through your body if your body acts as an obstacle(especially if the phone is in back pocket.)
2.Most of the humans are good conductors of RF waves.
3.But there are very few ppl on earth having less conductor abilities due to some unknown reason
4.Some times Cellphone or BT device chip is not strong enogh to send and rcv the signals in full capacity (weak chips)
To check whats the real issue ask couple of your friends to test your BT while connected with your cellphone (try to apply the same condition where you get isses e.g phone in back pocket etc.

Same goes with sync issue as for sync RF travel from one earbud to other through your face (if you are not a good conductor they can’t :smiley:)

If the things are happening same with couple of your friends then the either of your device has a issue in BT chip.

Plz don’t forget to share the results.

@ Vivian_Villagran May I know has your issue been properly solved? Could you contact us at service@zoloaudio.com with your order details for more assistance?

I got my earbuds last week. Charged it and hooked up ok the first day. I didn’t use them for a week and now I am trying to sync them since the left is not connecting. No sound . Seems like this is an ongoing issue with these. I wish I had done research before purchasing. Has anyone found a fix?

Put them both in the case, remove the right and then the left earbud without pressing the button. Once both are removed press the button on the right earbud followed by the left, they should both be synced now.

I was having the same problem with the pair and contacted customer support I was browsing this forum for any way to solve it. Eventually, I contacted customer support. They replied:

Dear Draken X,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I apologize for your headphones not working correctly here. I know how
frustrated you are. We hope we can make up this inconvenience. There is some
troubleshooting that we could try:

  1. Put the
    left earbud in your ear, double tap to see if you can hear any on or off beep
  1. Deleting the pairing history on your device.
  1. Put the earbuds back to the charging case and then taking them out again,
    please double tap both earbuds simultaneously and put them together.
  1. Turn off Liberty+ by pressing the button for 5 seconds until you see the red
  1. Put Liberty+ in the charging case, take them out to retry.

If it not works, Please try pairing Liberty+ with another Bluetooth device.

I was nervous because it failed 2 times but the 3rd time, I haven’t been so excited to troubleshoot something so successful. I was afraid to RMA them or something, I dislike dealing with those type of hassle and I’m glad both earbuds playing music and not just the right side.

If anyone has this problem, please give this instruction a shot or two before giving up.
It works for me, just be patience and persistent,

Both of my ears are enjoying music :smiley: