Zolo Liberty+ Issue - Lower volume on right bud

I had the same problem with lower volume on the right ear bud and figured out that it was due to moisture build up on the driver try to either wick away the moisture or displacing it with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. That seemed to solve the issue for me.

@Gabriel_Casillas Seeing that your problem was resolved, I did a second clean up and the right audio seems to be working back to normal again. Seems that I wasn’t able to properly clean it the first time. So yeah, make sure to clean the mesh properly.

But anyway, glad that my product is working well again.

See I told y’all to clean it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I still cannot fix this with a cotton bud, not without damaging the gold filter plate

@tombaito @Gabriel_Casillas How did you guys clean your earbuds out? Can you take them apart to get to the driver area?

It’s not the driver getting dirty it’s the metal mesh safety screen gets clogged with ear wax or other debris. Clean with a qtip dipped in rubbimg alcohol, wipe and repeat…in some cases you can do what earpods users do and suck put the gunk with your mouth…look up how they clean them and you will see that’s the most effective way to get earpods cleaned

I have had the issues and this morning received the following response,

i am sorry for the long waiting, we planned to have some stock in the mid of January, however, we noticed there were many customers saying they had the one side problem. Therefore, we have got some defective items back for further investigation and found out the root cause. The main reason we found that the earbuds filter was filled out of some kind of oil stucking the filter to cut down the sound. We are now changing the structure of the filter inside now, it may takes 4 weeks, is that okay you give us more time to get an upgraded version?

Very odd…“oil” from where I wonder? User’s ears? (ear wax)

Could be oil they use in manufacturing when they cut them to size and fit them. They should have been cleaned afterwards but could easily have been an oversight by someone rushing to get them cut and processed. Glad they figured out the problem though, hopefully it doesn’t effect all of them and just a handful.

I know I haven’t had issues with mine, fingers crossed it stays that way

I connected my earphones to my laptop since max volume is louder in there. Using a q-tip heavily soaked with alcohol, I cleaned the gold mesh while it is facing downwards. Cleaning it while facing upwards kinda doesn’t help (also was my first attempt) since the moist still remains inside. I kinda applied a bit of pressure in it so that a bit more alcohol will enter the mesh, do some internal cleaning and eventually gets pumped out by the sound.

Zolo is aware of this issue and is currently redesigning the speaker grill or filter to not be so easily blocked by earwax or ear skin oils. It is a shame that many have suffered from this problem despite this problem witch I personally have not suffered even though I wear these earbuds 4-6 hrs a day for the past 3 weeks these are great sounding comfortable and secure in the ear.

[quote=“tombaito, post:21, topic:58130, full:true”]
I connected my earphones to my laptop since max volume is louder in there. Using a q-tip heavily soaked with alcohol, I cleaned the gold mesh while it is facing downwards.[/quote]

Instead of a Q-Tip, it may be more advantageous to use a clean toothbrush & push the bristles through the mesh to clear out any gunk…however, I don’t know how fine that mesh actually is nor if the bristles will actually be able to go through it (I don’t own the Zolo earbuds). Also, you’d just want to go far enough into the mesh to clear it out.

Be careful with whatever process is used.

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My buds have also started this same behavior - Right bud has significantly lower volume. I’ll try the troubleshooting steps tonight, but from responses here, not expecting any results. I haven’t used them for sports. I only wear them about an hour a day.

Also, can others confirm it has only the been the right bud? If so, that goes a ways towards eliminating debris and clogging from the list.

I’m having exactly the same issue.
I also bought the Liberty+ via Kickstarter, and they’ve worked well until today. Suddenly the volume on the right bud is much, much lower than the left. I’ve tried the reset directions, tried pairing to a different device, etc. It doesn’t make any difference.

This is really disappointing…

A sudden drop in volume doesn’t bode well for the “gunk in the mesh” theory. I hope they find and resolve the root of the issue so user’s can enjoy their earbuds as intended.

I’ve had the same issue here. Got the Liberty+ off of Kickstarter and just received it about 3 weeks ago.

In the last 24 hours, the right bud lost volume but it’s also done so suddenly. With a build up of gunk, you would think that would be more gradual.

The left bud’s working perfectly.

Having the same issue here, only the right earbud its low volume… My problem is im from argentina !

I’m having the same issue with the right bud. Started yesterday. Have been using these since they were shipped via the kick starter program.

This happened to me today. While wearing them, volume dropped gradually in the right earbud until it was very low. Audio remained in the left earbud.

I wasn’t touching it or adjusting it at all when it happened, so I am sceptical of the ‘buildup of gunk’ explanation. I would be curious as to how long people in this thread have had their Liberty+'s? I received mine around December 17 and have been using them almost every day for 1-2 hours…

Greetings, I purchased my Zolo Liberty+ on Kickstarter, as well. Today, February 8, 2018, my right ear bud began doing the same as chronicled in this forum. Currently, as I am listening to it, it is Raising and lowering volume and there is a popping or snapping sound occuring.
I am also not convinced that cleaning the earbud screen will improve volume or clarity. I will report this same issue to Zolo for an answer.