Win The All-New Flare+

Are you ready? Because it’s about to get lit in here…


Today we’re launching Flare+—the latest member of the Flare family!

So, what’s new? Flare+ has dual tweeters, along with the back-to-back full-range drivers and two passive radiators to deliver even bigger 360° sound. Playtime has been extended to 20 hours, and the built-in USB port lets you charge your phone while the music plays. Like Flare, Flare+ has a halo of LEDs around its base, but now they’re bigger and brighter than ever before.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, you can even use wireless stereo pairing to sync Flare+ with the original Flare speaker. Isn’t that nice?

So if you’re ready to amplify the atmosphere, check out our giveaway for a chance to win a new Flare+ speaker.

Just sign up via this link!

In addition to 30 Flare+ speakers, we’re also giving away Flare and Mini 2 speakers, as well as 3000+ discounts for Soundcore products.

Are you excited to try out Flare+? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Open to US, UK, and Germany.
  2. Go to the Flare+ giveaway page to enter.
  3. Prizes include 30 Flare+ speakers, 70 Flare speakers, 200 Mini 2 speakers and 3000+ discount codes.
  4. The giveaway will run from August 30th through September 13th.
  5. Winners will be emailed on September 18th, 2018.


Will these include Flare+?!


Woohoo, I truly hope some members get to win this one. Not like the last mass giveaway not one person mentioned they had won. In fact many didn’t even get a discount code. I hope it’s different this time around

But I would truly love to win the flare+, the specs alone make it worth owning. And being able to pair to the original flare makes it even more desirable


Looks good, Good luck everyone :sunglasses:

Just entered. Would love win the new Flare+. The specs make it very interesting and would love to see how ti compares with my current Soundcore Flare. I loved the LED’s on Flare and I am sure Flare+ with brighter LED’s is going to light up the party…
The last party I had at house, people loved Flare and could not stop talking about it. Everyone wanted to hold it in their hand and dance and passed around. If I win a Flare+, I think I will have to throw another party and boast it to my friends. :slight_smile: My plan is I will let my friends have fun with the Flare and then after some time as the song changes, I will walk down with a couple of loud Flare+. BOOOMMM… BOOOOMMM… that should do the trick…

I am sure the syncing of the two flare’s is going to amaze everyone and amplify the mood of the partyyyy…

@AnkerOfficial - I am ready … Would you like to party ?

Good luck everyone!! I wonder if the discount code is for the flare+ as well!


Looks very cool! Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Cool. For once, no Facebook or Twitter (or whatever else) account required for participation. Like alcohol and tobacco, I don’t touch the stuff. :wink:

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I totally agree Anker got some good exposure on the cable giveaway but I think it better to have quality over quantity.


Good luck everyone. I still need to decide if I want to go to the IFA on Saturday. Is someone going to be there?

I love when Anker announced new stuff but could you add more information about the product please?

Then there could be a bigger discussion about what is new and if we think it is worth.

Worth a shot :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yes!!! I totally want one . I’ve said it before, I love the look of the Flare…now, even better improvements. Yay!!! :slight_smile: Thanks Anker for the giveaway. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Just signed up, I hope some our members when this time around. :slight_smile:

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Signed up and fingers crossed mega

Lost out on power user, the multiple giveaway, and all other attempts to get one.

So want one…

Thank you @AnkerOfficial :grin:

In for a penny…in for a pound…entered :slight_smile:

Was blown away by the single and dual audio output of the Flare (now my main speakers) so I certainly would love to give the plus model a spin & try with the standard Flare…

Hopefully a few community members will fall lucky yet with the giveaway format and numbers on offer…I doubt many will be fortunate as it hits the prime time…

Fingers crossed though for everyone entering :thumbsup:

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Would love to win one and then I would finally be able to go stereo with the original Flare :smiley:

I won a PowerCore 10000 for the record!

He was talking about the cable giveaway where they had over 100,000 entries.