😕 Why are so many support questions coming here?

For some reason, questions which can only really be answered directly with Anker are coming to this community. While we always had support questions here, it seems to have upticked recent weeks.


What is directing them here?

Ideas for a fix?

This forum is meant to have these:

But they seem to be fairly quiet /slow/reactive and the best user approach is to go to email, but they aren’t.

We really don’t want sarcasm, but…

image image cable-charger-email


Yea I agree with you that we have been seeing posts where we can’t really do much. Plus I haven’t seen Anker Technical online and actively responding in a while. Last time I saw that account being super active was before I went inactive last September or so. Wonder if the team got switched around or something

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definitely is interesting also timing wise I would have thought this influx would have come after the holidays when people get new stuff and don’t know how it works. So the timing is a little interesting. Same seems to be happening on the soundcore forum as well I’ve tried to help those when i know how to help otherwise its the basics or turn on and off try it again reset it or email Anker

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Do you think it’s connected to the recent facebook advertising for the product testing over the last couple of months?

Because we are the support! :rofl:
If a problem get solved here, the real support get less work.

This is called job sharing in our days, isn’t it?


Maybe the Happy/Sad cards in the products are sending customers here?
I haven’t got one to hand.
But it sounds logical. Get customers on the forum for other customers to answer the queries to reduce the load on the support desk?

That is one of my theories, Anker effectively subcontracting support to us. In return we get Powerbucks and some free stuff, but cheaper than a salary.

But that answers why when a noob comes here and creates an baffling rambling vague unsupportable thread, Anker doesn’t reply. It doesn’t answer why are they coming here specifically.

That doesn’t answer why a member is a few hours old, spent 1-10 minutes reading 1-2 posts and creates a thread. The months should cause members who do more than that.

Support questions are often implicitly or explicitly negative, it creates an impression of unreliability, it’s not good for Anker. The subcontracting of support to an Internet readable forum is likely doing the opposite of their intention.


If I’m a support subbie i want £300 a day plus expenses!



They’re looking here (but don’t work weekends) and not active in the community. The issue then is all you see is the complaint, rant, sometimes precise but often vague (not saying the product is typical), you don’t then see the positive outcome. This is getting an issue for Anker I suspect as they are funding a negative.



But how can we do support without having all Anker/EUFY/soundocre products which got issues and are
questioned about.

Only a few who had been donated all these “gifts” stay here and help others.
e.g. PowerDraw-winners

I don’t mind the time to stay, write and help here.
But the regulars should be treated a little bit better.
Isn’t that true Pei? @AnkerOfficial.

I know I am really the worst here when doing support, but there are so many others who
are doing such a perfect job.

Greetings to those regulars here and enjoy the Sunday & the “Nikolaus” :rofl:


I am donating a virtual Nikolaus to those, doing their job here on Sunday!



So there are a few issues coming together here.

  1. users brand new arrive here, rather than go to official support. Something is directing them here, and those sources is making them think this is an official support target.
  2. but official support isn’t really here, slow, and if they do anything it’s in the background so all that’s left is a problem with no solution, users are not forced into looking in old threads (or search is not finding) and no structure to new users on new thread.
  3. volunteer support can only go so far, we either own a product, or seen a fix and so help, or we guess, and waste the user’s time, if support did fix the issue (above) we don’t know so can’t then replay that fix the next time.

Why this matters:

  • the users creating the ask don’t know they could wait days for a reply, if it is not a topic another member knows it just lingers, fueling a bad impression of Anker.
  • solutions are not necessarily posted here so anyone, say Anker competitor, can easily see lists of problems and no solution (as no solution or it’s been solved elsewhere). Bad for Anker
  • bad for new users who think this is a support site when it isn’t.
  • bad for experienced users who are unpaid volunteers. Most do this out of joy of helping, appearing knowledeable but at times it is an onslaught.

One of these should change.

So some possible solutions:
a) close community to new members, wind down and then close.
b) modify community so new members in creating a thread are forced through a support ticket process. So less than a given level (say L0 and L1) in creating thread are more explicitly asked and guided to support. The similar thread box on the right does that sometimes but I know it does it on a full desktop but not on mobile and I suspect most users are on mobile.
c) ramp up official support here, they were more active the past than now. If support do resolve in background, then edit the thread to include the fix so the search for fix finds and the volunteers know for next time.
d) give more free stuff out to volunteers to then own and less guessing what’s the problem. :money_mouth_face:
e) I just shut up

Any other ideas?

There are support related existing threads which some users have searched. Below are support related new threads this weekend:

image image image image image image image

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:sob: I guess I’m working for free since I’ve solved about 5 or 6 support questions




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I mean I don’t really mind trying to help out the issue is I don’t have all the answers or own all of the products to try to figure out how to solve the problem. So sometimes people wait days thinking we aren’t answering when in fact they might have more luck emailing support.


I think I said the same here?

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I think many questions are being brought here by Google. For example, if you Google “Anker speaker won’t charge”, the first result is here, the Anker Community!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. :grinning: Sure, there are issues only Anker can solve, but we can help with the common troubleshooting issues of trying a different cable, charging, resetting, etc.

Also, we’re all looking for a quick fix whenever we encounter an issue. I just received a smart speaker that makes a weird vibrating sound, so I searched the manufacturer’s forum (and Reddit) first to see if it was a common issue that could be fixed quickly (Maybe there was a piece of packing material I forgot to remove? Is there a firmware update?). Let’s face it: even if returning a problematic product is free, it’s still a hassle to package it up to mail it or drive it to the store. It’s easier to post a question and hope for a quick solution.


Yep we should all get free items

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I’ve worked in numerous roles that involved support and often times people want a community where other members might have ideas, suggestions or workarounds that differ from typical support channel responses. It could also be to validate their concerns before reaching out to support. If you’re noticing an increase in engagement on the forums that could simply suggest growth in your customer base.

Either way, I am fairly new to these forums but I’m hoping to bring my own experience and insight here whether its reviewing a cable or sharing my experience or providing suggestions.

Have a great day, everyone!


Thanks for joining, and agree it’s a two-way street between users, we each know something we can help, not know something and seek help. It’s enjoyable to help! That’s not the issue.

There’s no forced hints or structure to new threads with new users, causes two issues for new users. They create vague threads not even quoting the product so even if another user knows a fix, these cannot connect. It is then left for days which is not good for them as they not resolved. Then support is very reactive here so hanging unresolved are left like that. The thread could be edited and fix posted so then users can search and cross-support the next time.

So I’m suggesting more structure for new users, the interface to hint, prompt, towards existing threads or to allow to point to products, so the thread created is as good as possible. Also for official support to be more active here. Or in other places which point to here, point support issues better instead.

What I do to help:

  • vague posts, ask them to rename the thread to the product so users can recognise and help
  • if I can help, I do
  • if the product reminds me of someone who may own, quote those other users to prompt a reply