Who Wants to Win a Prime Power Device?

Well, you, probably.

Here’s the dealio.

We’re choosing 50 people at random to win this not-yet-released charger.

All you have to do is sign up to receive Anker email between July 8 and July 31.

This new device drops Aug. 1, and if you won one, you’ll hear from us on Aug. 2. If you don’t claim your prize by Aug. 14, we move on to the next person.

Sorry, I won’t be announcing winners here, but if you’re a member of the community you must come back and let us help you celebrate your win!

Will you be asked to post to socials? Nope. You can if you wanna though. Will we ask winners to write a review on Anker.com, yes!


Great that there is no need to publish something on these unsocial media.
I will take part, but there might be others who are eager to win! :grin:

I don’t mind not winning something,
I am always here,
even when we were nearly about to “starve” here last year.
But we made it!


Ooh, I like the mysterious picture of it too. Entered, thanks!

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As always, I appreciate the chance

Plus it looks to be glowing around the edges as well… :slight_smile:

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Already know what it is and still can’t wait to check it out. Good luck to everyone!


Ooh I wonder what it could be…

You’ll get a full in depth review from me.


They’re about a month late on it for whatever reasons (none that I read specifically), but it looks like it could be a replacement for a bunch of things for me.

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I’m joking. I know what it is but, you know… ToS. So I’ll be dutifully surprised on the day.

I got these today

Here I’m expecting increasing winter power outages over the next decade, I’m less expecting summer outages but with global warming if enough folks begin to install A/C in homes and offices we’ll begin to get summer outages, like they get almost every year in California.

Unlike USA, UK went off Nuclear power about 2010-ish and delayed new nuclear for 8 years, meaning the current batch of new nuclear isn’t online til 2030 at the earliest. UK has been importing power from France and Norway but they rely on water (for cooling and hydro respectively) but summer droughts is compromising both, and with that little spat in Ukraine, well…

I think power unreliability is going to be coming to Europe too. UK worse than average. Wind power doesn’t work when a big blocking high pressure and if one of those arrives in January then it’s wind-less cold dark weather. Add in the bizarre rush to EV (which would make sense if there was a decent energy storage system, which there isn’t) and just more local domestic power autonomy is going to be growing.

I’d bought a 512W Powerhouse, wouldn’t run my appliances, so returned. I’m testing if this 1500W with a surge 2400W passes tests. If not then return and move up a notch. My heating / cooking is already got backup gas / fuel so this is for microwave, fridge, etc.

For anyone prepared to listen I encourage 2-3 days of local autonomy.

So this competition “whatever it is” would be good for anyone to have.


I can neither confirm nor deny its glowing-ness:) But It is a rad device!

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LOL! I have no doubt about your review or its depth! Good luck!

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You think you know, huh!?!?!!? LOL


The common reason to stall release is to stock up first to bypass the “sold out”. If you’re going to hype launch a product you need to have stock to service the gullible eager to buy at launch.

Getting ducks lined up. So I don’t see something has happened other than a heightened intention to hype launch it higher profile.

Oh yeah, I 100% know what it is lol. Not that I can say (outside of a DM), but I am definitely not getting another ding for ToS haha.

I’ve got a whole house hookup with an automatic switch over(I can’t think of the term right now), I’ve just been dragging my feet for years now to get a standalone like a Generac or other mostly due to forking over $5k+, but absolutely agree with the needing 2-3 days. We got knocked out over the winter this year multiple times, one being for 4 days. Definitely something that is going to be needed for thr future.

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That’s fine you can do a lot of research.
I know that you like “watts & volts”.
Enjoy the sytsem.
Hope there is enough sun in UK.:grin:

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Agree you have to design to likely risk. Where I am living now the probable risk of a type lasting more than a few hours is load shedding.

But my last home the risk was first winter storm blowing down multiple lines and waiting your turn for repair with 24 hours outage. Last time was 28 hours without power.

Those different risks calls for different solutions.

Load shedding risk is covered with just-enough Wh to power during the cutoff period and recharge when power resumed fast enough til the next rolling blackout.

Whole house systems, yes I’ve seen those for years, some DIY videos exist, of a set of batteries with a switch for on-grid and solar and wind and you feed your excess into the powergrid for credit and take from grid when deficit and you have enough batteries to take from the grid the least (aiming for zero) and to handle longest outages.

But why I’ve shied away from whole-house systems is it doesn’t remove the risk of the house itself (flood, fire) so I still prefer portable. I’ve also shied away from solar as I feel greatest risk is in winter. This Powerhouse is still portable, but in a car (or a cart) , but not bike / walk. For those risks I cannot leave in a car I am also leaving the need to feed a whole lot of AC mains devices too and just power what’s on your back - and Powercore does that.

I’ve started work now in the energy supply side, part of the solution as I don’t want to be some elderly person 20-30 years from now defuddled and needing help moving when there’s an outage. I am aghast at the way many nations are sleepwalking back to 1970s quality of power reliability.

My smaller gadgets are covered by Powercore, I’ve got just under 600Wh across 26800 20000 10000 etc. Internet router has 109Wh APC UPS, router takes 9W and anything longer than the 12 hours would take down the local Internet hub anyway.

My cooking/heating covered by camping class gear with fuel.

It’s a few specific gaps left. The fridge-freezer is a 0.7A 240V (170W) but bursts >500W , and quotes 460Wh/24h so an Anker F1200 1229Wh ~ 2.7 days. But as I perceive my biggest risk is in winter, I expect actual Wh needs far less than 460Wh/24 so I think I’ll get more than 2.7 days.

If the biggest risk becomes summer then I’m pivoting to a big solar install, but as solar technology is still improving, and panels left out age from UV destruction in 25 years, I’ve been kicking that down the technology street for decades. The advantage of the folding portable solar is it’s kept in the dark so won’t age as fast. Hence the single 100W panel decision (for now).

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A month late? Say. more. I don’t understand.

Well… if it is what I think it is, then it was originally supposed to be released in early July per a particular event that Anker hosted.

w00t w00t!! Can’t wait to see what it is officially.

I’m curious if it’s for US only…seeming as it has to be entered on Anker.com (US site) as per the rules :thinking: