When will be the funeral of this forum?

I am well prepared, as you all see! :rofl:



I would think of it as a rebirth.

From a conversation I had, they have been putting manpower into the Anker site improvements.

I guess it is a wait and see thing.


Yes hope dies at last.
But you all see : I am prepared! :rofl:

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I will say that a lot of old threads are popping up… so maybe it is good to be prepared lol

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It already is run by Ghosts so I guess Funeral is done :rofl:


I am not a ghost, but brought my black suit to the laundry to be well prepared for the funeral.

I think, there will be never any reanimation here.
This was promised so often, but nothing happened.

There’s still a few loyal followers that I see around the forum… So it wouldn’t take that much effort for Anker to revitalize things. It’s just a matter of when they decide to re-invest time and effort and whether they do it too late. Hopefully not too late when they do it!


We have been promised all those improvements since a long time.
We all see what is going on.
I lost my believe in any of those announcements. meanwhile.


Hopefully no funeral. they said they were making changes and I really hope they stick to their word. They had a huge product launch in july so I am hoping that as things maybe calm down the community will come back to life.

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I also want that measures should be taken to increase productivity. Deleting would create a gap between the 2 sides.

I haven’t checked in since the 1st of August and I was not expecting this to be the only new discussion in my feed.

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Hey team!
Been away for a couple of weeks and just checked in.
I thought my notifications had turned off/been disabled as I’ve logged into 6 notifications.
A couple of years back I would have had 6 in an hour!

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Similar story for me @Mark_Dunsmore

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Now most of my notifications are the Anker ghosts that haunt the community :joy::joy::sob::sob:


Indeed this is the forum of the “ghosts” meanwhile.
They show the most activity here.

Duane’s ghost is always very busy, I don’t know what Neil’s is doing!
Hasn’t shown up for a while
Seems to be on vacations or is helping Neil in his “brewing job”! :laughing:


Thought it would be the other way around, you guys getting ghosted while I am on my vacation :rofl:


Seems we really have to dig a grave and do a festive funeral of this dead forum…
No more activity at all. :sleeping:

btw. After the top ten “donations” are missing,
the number of “active, busy regulars” is decreasing at soundcore’s forum as well.

Worldwide crisis! :rofl:


I had been active on the Soundcore community for a while but found I felt this community was a little more laid back with less pressure and fluff content

may be its time to leave that sinking ship.
But on the other hand we could have fun here.
The themes are free and the few here are good friends meanwhile.

How are you doing in your job Kaytlin?
What are your tasks?
I am curious, but as an old computer engineer I can. :grin:
I always like to know what the “young ones” are doing!