When will be the funeral of this forum?

At which point the admins would turn up and think where everybody go…


But we see, a very responsible person must have turned off the light here! :laughing:

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I think we’ve already missed it Franz :rofl:

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I am here Franz.
I can’t see you as the battery in my LC40 had run out and I can’t afford the electricity to charge it :rofl:

I really do belive the begining of the end started maybe 3 Christmas’s ago when the end of year gift for the top 10 active followers stopped.
I think it took the buzz of participation away for some users.
I even recall a Christmas day conversation I had with a new user that struggled with a product, now we bearly get a new thread a week.
That coupled with the Soundcore and Eufy forums inevitable arrival caused this forum to decline.

As I’ve said before, you can only get so excited over a new cable, charger or PowerCore!
And as they are not a big topic of conversation and confusion like the used to be, the amount of new threads and general interest had gone.

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I guess I don’t see the point in Anker keeping the forums around if they aren’t maintained or invested in. I understand that they probably see better ROI on social media and influencer posts, however the company did not grow out that medium. It became the company it is by selling great products in a grassroots type of environment; I truly do not understand why they would not want to keep that going.


Meanwhile I am thinking of such things here in Germany! :roll_eyes:

But how to feed the hamster? :thinking:


Great idea Franz :bulb:

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All OK in UK with my friends?
Have not much to report from München.

Oktoberfest is going on.
Many young ones in Lederhosen and Dirndl around in subway etc.
Its nice, let them have their party.
I am not against this “party”, many are here.
There is NO need to visit for me and those who don’t like,
so let others have the chance to go there if they want. and having fun. :smile:


Always found it weird that it’s called Oktoberfest yet starts in late Sept for an early October finish…never the less might have a few large steins this weekend to join in with our German friends :beers:


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Let me compare the price of 1 Liter at the Oktoberfest (ca 14 Euro)
with the price of a box (20 X 1/2 Liter) of the same stuff.


I decide to stay at home and play some “Blasmusik” :rofl:

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raises hand slowly… I’m here. Just busy. But a new forum would be nice, and also maybe having one forum with all parts included, Anker, Eufy, Soundcore etc, with one login gasp

This was the matter years ago.
After splitting “all goes downhill” :smiley:

Same seems to happen at the soundcore’s forum.
No more free donations -> less threads & regulars. :grin:


Call me weird but I didn’t enjoy the Soundcore forum as much as I did the Anker forum. That’s why I was rarely there.
I did win a water bottle from them tho lol


That was the same for me. The Soundcore and eufy forums don’t feel right. They don’t feel like the Anker family we have here.


I never entered the EUFY forum.
The only EUFY device I own is “old Willy” (Robovac 11S)
No such of these cameras and the never ending issues with them.

Soundcore’ forum is different.
At the moment the participation of regulars goes down.
Normally there were only a 1/2 dozen who created threads.
Often only be copying articles from magazines. (point farming?)
to grab one of the free donations.
No more free donations : less threads with “copy and paste news” :smile:

I created threads about classical music, Portuguese Fado, Brazilian Samba and other things.
But I suppose there was not such an interest in those.

On the other hand I must confess,
it’s really not interesting for me that “artist XYZ” released a new album,
because I have never heard from “artist XYZ” :rofl:

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The beginning of the end was when they suspended @Ankerinsider

The hook before was discussing upcoming products, then people bought them when launched. Other things discussion alongside.

Now the upcoming products are discussed elsewhere and then the discussion of having bought those when launched is in those other places.

The splitting of Anker into Eufy Soundcore and everything else meant fragmenting and duplication. Soundcore then forced it to a narrow music agenda.

Anker tried to control this to the point they put people off.

Then add few competitions, those only on social media.

Then add they don’t do support in their community.

So what was initially a place of those interested in Anker and allowed wide latitude, with frequent competitions, became tightly managed and then ignored by Anker themselves.


Absolutely perfect said, that’s true-

So lets have here a private place to talk about many things.
Nobody cares about themes and if so we should not care about if being eliminated! :rofl:

And we should never forget we had fun here and made friends.
Thank you ANKER!

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So many great points as to what’s gone wrong and led to the community getting to this place. Hopefully if they are bringing this forum back to life they take all of this into consideration. We really are a family here

Lol I totally forgot about the Eufu forum

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Good points, I think it’s too late for this site to make a comeback.

It was fun while it lasted :man_shrugging: