What products are on your wishlist for Anker to make next?

I believe Anker ROAV can make a great OBD II vehicle diagnostic reader. This I would buy in an instant!


Good thought, I did request this sometime back, in a different thread

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Great minds think alike!


A power bank that can charge a Surface Book 2 by either Power Delivery or the regular charging port.

Magnetic charging cables


I have several requests for @AnkerOfficial to make.

75W Dual Type C Power Delivery Desktop Charger. Perfect for charging Type C smartphones AND a MacBook or iPad Pro 11 with Type C. One 18W PD port and one 60W PD port. I’d also like the other two USB-A ports to utilize QC 3.0 or PowerIQ 3.0. These guys only use 2.4A for the USB-A:

Right angle connectors on both ends of a USB-C “PowerLine III” cable. 90 degrees on both ends for devices in tight spaces. It will also help extend the bend life of cable. These guys have one right angle and one straight USB-C cable. I’d like two Type C right angles:

A dual USB-C PD car charger WITH Car Locator like the Roav Spectrum Car Adapter but with two USB-C ports. The Spectrum has a Power IQ and QC 3.0 USB-A ports and is Bluetooth compatible which works with the Roav app and my smartphone. What I love about the app is it marks the last location of where you parked your car. I use this daily to keep track of my car’s location around my busy home https://www.amazon.com/SmartCharge-Spectrum-Charger-Charge-iPhone/dp/B075RV7KRM/

Car locator on app:

Roav Spectrum:

PowerDrive III Duo:

Merge the Roav Spectrum with the Anker PowerDrive III Duo & Bluetooth and you have a winner.

You sell great cables, how about a branded magnetic cable organizer like this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B4SWJ88/

You could put the Anker logo on it to remind everyone who makes the best charging/data cables around :wink:

**** And keep everything USB-C from here on forward, as well as have choices and Black or White matte finish ****


Great ideas! :clap:

Great ideas… Car locator is already available on Google Maps as last parked location or you can drop a pin… helps reduce additional apps on smartphone!

I will request @AnkerOfficial to have a SINGLE App for iOS and Android for all of Anker and Sister brands to manage and control.

Now there are lot of separate apps for Eufy, Roav, Soundcore and Also for Anker…

Make a Single app… reduce the clutter, not only for cables but also on our phone screens

see some similarity … See below


I’ve use the feature in Google Maps and it only saves the location when you’re at the parking spot, not when you are in another location. The drop pin doesn’t work intuitively for that either.

The Roav app does alot more things than just locate the car. Works for me and would like this implemented in a newer dual Type C PD car charger

A successor to Fusion 5000, with only USB-C ports.

More USB-C only batteries and chargers. (I’m done with USB-A)

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There is a successor to them fusion

Theres the one apple sells
Fusion 5000 mAh PD

  • 42W in charger mode (30W PD & 12W PIQ)
  • 15W in battery mode (no PD)

And theres this one, which I dont know when it will be back in stick
Fusion 10000 mAh USB-C

  • 15W (charger & battery mode)

Completely agree with the retractable cable, I just have two criteria for the cable:

  1. Must actually retract after the third time, I have bought many different cables like this and all of them stop retracting after the third or fourth time. If Anker can do this, (I’m sure they can) I will be the first in line for it.
  2. Must have some leeway at the ends for charging without going completely taut so that if a bump or other mishap happens, the charged product will simply move a little, not completely snap the line. Anyway, enough past problems. @ravanshr, great idea, Anker, let’s make it happen!

I haven’t had that many retractable cables, but the ones I had, they all worked great. I didn’t realize that they were such an issue. But in the same line of thinking, I wish they’d come up with a better way to make the retractables. The thing that bothered me the most was how bulky the middle “reel” got. I wish it was super slim so that no one would even know that it was a retractable from just looking at it.

How about 1ft USB-C lighting cable?

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The list is long… but I would love to see Anker get into the Z-wave device game. If they were to produce sensors and devices in that market of similar quality to the rest of their products it would be a game changer.

If they go z-wave here would be my top 5 wish list:

  1. An in wall light switch (dimmer too) that integrates with existing 3 & 4 way switches and DOESN"T REQUIRE A NEUTRAL WIRE.
  2. A decent recessed door sensor
  3. An in line headless switch (for remote lighting)
  4. A power strip with individually controlled outlets AND individually controlled USB power. Common Anker… if anyone can do this.
  5. LED Strip light controller that can accommodate generic RGBW light tape.

I would also love to see a power bank with more than 3 USB ports that is pocketable (I HAVE BIG POCKETS)


Nice, I do agree on the Neutral wire Wall light switch.


I hadn’t thought of that, @onstar. That’s a pretty good idea to add to a retractable cable, but that isn’t at the top of my priorities for buying one. As aforementioned, I would just like a retractable cable that is long lasting and actually retractable. That’s a good idea however, and if Anker would create one with all these ideas, then they’ll surely sell.

An app with a equalizer for the Bluetooth headsets. Sound is poor without it. Much like my Sony whch700n’s. But the equalizer makes a big difference.

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They have an app that allows this for some of there products, but it doesn’t have support for enough buds (only one pair).

It has support for a few more speakers, but still not enough…