Welcome to Charging Royalty | Special Edition 24K Gold PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cable Now Available!

Anker has just released its long-awaited 24 karat gold cable… Take a look at the Special Edition PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning!

Features & details

  • Special Edition Gold Design: This 2020 special edition USB-C to Lightning cable features 24K gold-plated cable heads for a design that is bold yet elegant.
  • Precision Engineering: Each PowerLine cable is assembled partially by hand and must pass through a painstaking 51-step construction process to meet our exacting standards.
  • Sophistication and Strength: PowerLine combines an unprecedented 35,000-bend lifespan with a sleek, curved exterior.
  • Certified Compatible: MFi certified for flawless compatibility with Lightning devices, ensuring safe charging at the highest possible speed.
  • Package Includes: PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 ft), gift box, black travel pouch, welcome guide, lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s 6’ Special Edition PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning is available to order now from amazon.com for $99.99 and should begin shipping immediately.

Are you interested in Anker’s 24 karat gold cable? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

Note: It is unclear whether or not Anker will be releasing a USB-C to USB-C version of this cable or a new special edition cable each year.


Great looking cable.
At that price it would have to be a collectors piece as you wouldn’t want to leave that in a hotel!


No joke! I think @TechMan has been waiting for this…

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Thanks for sharing!

wow! this reminds me of the the other thread

Lot of company CEOs may go for this kind of cable, may be a status symbol, and I can easily see myself not going for it :smiley:

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Wow! What a look! I would wear that around my neck, lol JK, but seriously it looks too nice to use. Uh, Dumb expensive especially for Anker, which is odd, but my iPhone and I would love it! Look at the Pouch! That’s classy. Other than the price, well done Anker!

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We need a gold wireless charger for the medallion.

Amusingly, I reckon Apple will ditch the Lightning port before the cable gets much use.


Aww yeah. Possible wait for a sale, so I can have the ultimate flex lol.

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This looks amazing :drooling_face: but I’d rather have a USB-C to USB-C because…


I think @professor means that they are about to go fully wireless.

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Exactly so I’d rather just get a usb-c cord that I could use for my mac and other devices :+1:

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I think the twin of

  • USB-C technical superiority (faster, bidirectional) and lower cost (more units sold lowers unit cost) over Lightning,
  • and wireless charging,

will together kill Lightning.

I see a portless iPhone coming, along with the anger of “why did I pay so much for this useless cable!” comments from those who didn’t read this.


I have long been waiting for this completely portless iPhone… will be fun!

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Why? What about it will be fun?

I don’t see portless being all the iPhones, probably just the smaller ones.

But I do see anyone paying a lot for Lighning cables now will regret it.

No more fiddling to connect the cable to charge… just place it on charging pad!

its been about 2-3 weeks got the 11 pro… not connected the lightning port a single time, not seeing the need for it

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I need one!


Apple may test with 1 portless iPhone and still retain other iphone models with some-port (may be ditch lightning and move to USB-C – they need to keep their main bread and butter :smiley: ) , see how it goes with general crowd… then may be 1-2 years, samsung will follow the path, eventually, all phones go portless… but this is again a theory and subject to change!

Apple marketing will take the profit increase of not having a port into a must-have upgrade, you’d have a bit smaller phone, or a slightly larger battery, a little better IP rating, and the iSheep told to love it and they then dutifully do what told.

I see wireless deemed good enough for all but the higher end larger models.

So small phones kill Lightning from lack of use, and larger phones kill Lightning due to USB-PD technical and cost superiority.

By all means buy a Lightning cable if you need one but no need to spend more than the odd $7 one.

Anker does need a kick to come up with better portable wireless chargers, hopefully they know this. I reckon a 20Ah 10W is technically valid in 2020, it recharged from USB PD 18W-30W. I’m sure when a portless iPhone comes out, if Anker doesnt have a decent 10Ah and 20Ah PD input wireless output portable charger range, its a few $M revenue loss.

Funny, the cable won’t get used enough to make this relevant.

I’d pay extra for a good 100W USB cable. It would get used a lot.

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You don’t understand the “courage“ it takes to remove the lightning port. Apple is the only company “brave” enough to do so :joy::joy:

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Okay, but how will getting rid of the port affect the usability of wireless charging?!

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