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Just saw a new update on another brand cam, which now has Person Detection, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to existing cams by just updating firmware.

Hopefully eufy provides better AI detection for humans :slight_smile:


Yep, already updated my cameras :+1:. But the update on the app is bringing glitches…


yes, that is expected for initial updates, with artificial intelligence, comes unwanted intelligence called as defect or bugs :rofl:


Well, the actual app is glitching- has nothing to do with the cameras


So far not seen any issues, all good for now


Just found out it’s because I’m on iOS 13 beta :cry:


how well does the motion/human detection work for you? and what is your motion detection setting?
I kept getting false positives and miss detections.


Human detection is working perfectly for me. I’m using it on the 3rd notch.

I put it in the 2nd one before, and I was missing notifications. The 4th one obviously shows all motion which I dont want.


does the location when you have it installed has a lot of shadows/cars? Mine kept thinking that the wheel of my neighbor’s car is a human. I got some miss detection even though I am using it on the 3rd notch.


There are a lot of cars and shadows…


Mine said these are human :joy:


Have you tried the second notch to see if it works better?


2nd notch doesn’t detect human that well. Less false positive for sure but more miss detection.


Honestly since it’s a new product we are probably helping train there AI right now. It will probably get better over time…


That is what I am hoping. I donated all of the false positive videos that I got so far to Eufy, hoping that those will help Eufy to train their AI.


I’ve not entered any of these due to my lack of online presence. I get why it’s a big importance in selection process so not butt hurt, it’s easier to just sit back and read/watch everyone else’s reviews :tongue:

Better than constant rejection :joy:

Good luck to everyone entering


Hogwash. I don’t use social media at all, and I’ve been selected for 3… just saying


I like these words :slight_smile: :innocent:


3 of the most recent “we love testing campaigns”?


Just hope Anker folks are not watching or listening :laughing: