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We need review in 3 days :point_up:


A quality review need times :wink:


Ok take your time. We’re watching :eye:


Just curious. Did you need to bypass your chime while installing?

My doorbell wiring is reading 20v on the multimeter… so I don’t need to bypass the chime right?


It is surprising easy to install, I hope it doesn’t get stolen. I put the “24/7 surveillance” sticker next to the door bell to scare off the theft.


I installed the doorbell before I bypass the chime, and the ring around the bell button lit up. So I think it can work without the need to bypass the chime. But I bypassed the chime anyways


Tech man consulting Tech Man :grin: :rofl:


Two experts swapping high level experiences.






Eufy video doorbell AI said that this is a human :smile:


What was it though?


The front/hood of a car with the logo… probably Toyota


Bingo! It is a Toyota


For once i thought it was a person wearing a mask


Think I’m fine on that case :+1::relieved:


Another one is up for US members PowerPort Strip 3


Yes, just saw it…another item up for testing, US only !!
Good luck guys, :+1:


that’s really great!


Most excited about the flare mini if I don’t win it then I am waiting for a amazon prime day sale you never know if not gonna buy it anyways :ok_hand:looks dope :+1::call_me_hand: