We Love Testing | Upcoming Testing Events


No, over like that last 6 months. I have been selected for one recent one (doorbell)


Who’s won the flare mini??? :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::grimacing:



I’d love to test the power strip, but sadly @AnkerTechnical is unable to add different plugs.


Congrats to the chosen testers, nice to see at least 1 or 2 known names make the list…did you have a go @MacBlank?



Congrats to all testers seems like I’ll have to buy one :sob: Enjoy :sunglasses:


Shenoy, my friend!
You made it.


@Shenoy you got this one buddy :+1:


Congrats @Shenoy and all the testers this go-round!


Congrats the chosen testers :+1::+1:
And @Shenoy :gift::balloon::confetti_ball::boom::bomb:



Woke up to a pleasant surprise :grin: thank you @AnkerOfficial

Thank you @ndalby @Alex_Honnor @Chiquinho @rupinjohar @apsavarese @Ice1 for your wishes :+1:


No point in my putting my name forward, as @AnkerOfficial delights in giving to strangers n ghosts!

They tease me with suggestions then pulls the rug … Three times in a row in under a month.

No more. No point


I agree there’s a bunch of level 0 who one bet you they won’t even post a review…


Probably multiple entries and accounts, and more than likely knowing ankers preference for newbies over loyalty, have won before but have entered using a new account.

The difference is, although many of us have thought or been tempted to do the same, we stay true n honest … Not that it’s recognised


Hopefully the next lot don’t meet Ankers testing criteria also now they have a we love testing page hundreds and hundreds of people sign up but I like it so I have to be hopeful


They’re probably professional competition entries.

Like you get them that use shit loads of coupons and buy loads of crap to save money, there are people who do nothing more than enter competitions all day long.

What do we care, it’s not like we’re loyal customers, who stay n chat n help in the forum.


and not just go once we win something :upside_down_face:


I think most of these testers are chosen based on their social network presence. And I agree that as a Company for profit, :money_with_wings: Anker wants to push the brand further using social network and expecting less benefits from this forum (as this is a little & isolated group of people chatting about everything and solving issues for customers :roll_eyes:).


Congrats to those who got selected. Big ups to @Shenoy
I give up trying to enter


Big shoutout to @Shenoy :+1: