We Love Testing | Upcoming Testing Events


That’s true, but until recent months it was far less common amid the multiple power user overhauls. This is a clear direction for both.


I can’t login back in to PU, that page is no more :coffin::coffin::coffin:


What are you talking about? It didnt go anywhere


After the updates, I tried to.login, and it wouldn’t.let me… Was a couple days after. So just guessed it had been mergered with the “we love testing” page.

Not that there’s anything there as usual, but it’s up m working now.


I too saw the PowerUser page earlier along shown below the Testing Club, but that link is gone now, believe this is permanently transitioned to Testing Club :slight_smile:

Edit: this shows up on mobile but not on desktop


Someone forgot the original TECH MAN :frowning:


He didn’t mean it, don’t blame him :joy:.

I will never forget you- the man who’s name I accidentally stole :joy:


I was kidding ahaha, and I talked to AkerOfficial, I will receive one to test :smiley:


Looking forward to testing. Hope they ship soon!


I’m looking forward to testing also!!


congrats to all the winners in the soundcore wakey competition enjoy :slight_smile:


Yeah! Congrats to the chosen ones!!! We will keep an eye on the reviews! :wink:


Just received an email. It is on its way :blush:


Same :hugs:. Can’t wait to try it out :grin:


I’m pretty excited for it!


Congratulations to the Wakey Winners !!!


Congratulations! The following users have got the chance to test our product for free:

  • Mich
  • Tony_A
  • vlalchan
  • Hendrik_Swafing
  • alexdale13
  • wwjoshdew
  • liamda1y
  • rayker
  • arushan12
  • philipjohnbasile


congratulations winners!


congrats to all the winners… Hope to be one soon :wink:


grats to all the winners


congrats winners