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A good april fools joke would be everyone being called “TechMan” for the day.

Just saying… @AnkerOfficial


:cry: i was hoping to be selected for this test since I missed out on the beta for it, but i guess again they didnt like my testing plan :confused:

Oh well, congrats on those who did get selected. Shoutout to @TechMan @tech_man @the_bearded_tech_guy , look foward to seeing yalls review


Much needed doorbell for me too… couldn’t take part in Beta group as it was only for US, and samething goes for this testing event…:sob:
Wish there is a way to send Beta samples around the world with some proper NDA’s and agreements and don’t bother other governmnet regulations…:disappointed_relieved:
@AnkerOfficial please explore if you can do anything about it :smirk:


I’ve never been asked to be in a beta test… I guess my testing doesn’t suffice :pensive:


Patience… patience… and you will have it :slight_smile:

Cheer up, you already got Post-release testing for eufy Security Video Doorbell


I like beta testing though lol. I beta test software all the time just for fun :crazy_face:. I am very thankful I get to test products in these testing events though :wink:


Nice to some quite a few recognisable names in the list of.testers… well done

Long may this continue


Congrats winners! I don’t have a wired bell outside my condo door, or I would have certainly applied as well.
Looking forward to reviews.

Also looking forward to the list of winners of the Wakey event :wink:


Can’t wait to see @TechMan review this product!! I really want to get one of these, so I’m hoping that the reviews provide good insight. :+1:t2:


Do you get to keep the products you test?


I’ll have to check him out!


Congrats to all the testers…


Yes, you get to keep the products which you are reviewing :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you receive any other email regarding the video bell yet?


Not yet… just the preliminary one…


Good luck to everyone who entered this week :+1:


It’s so much more convenient now :+1:


And congrats to @TechMan and @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy on winning the video doorbell


I think the testing club is a great addition to the community. Let’s everyone get in on some free Anker gear and gets Anker some feedback.

This also is good for Power Users because it means that PU will focus more on beta tests than reviewing released products like everyone else.


I mean, it’s been here for years, just the page is new.