We Love Testing | PowerPort+ Atom III

Hey, fans!

We’re back with another testing event. This time around, we’re asking you to try out our all-new charging technology: PowerIQ 3.0. This latest iteration of our high-speed charging protocol has added compatibility with Quick Charge for Samsung via USB-C.

The shift to USB-C also allows us to provide Power Delivery charging for phones, tablets, laptops, and more, as well as high-speed charging for iPhone with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

We’ve packed all this technology inside our latest PowerPort+ Atom III charger, and added an extra port to charge other mobile devices simultaneously.

If you’re ready to get testing, just fill out your application with your information, as well as the most creative, engaging, amazing testing and review plan you can come up with! We’ll choose the 10 most stellar applicants to participate in this round of We Love Testing.

Good luck, and Power(IQ 3.0) On!


  1. Sign up for a free community account and complete the application to enter this We Love Testing event. You will be asked to submit a test plan as part of the survey, but feel free to share your test plan in the comments below.
  2. This event runs from May 15th to May 20th, 2019. The testers will be announced on the community on May 22nd, 2019.
  3. 10 testers will be chosen.
  4. Open to residents in the US only.
  5. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to post a link to your review on the community under our “review” category within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.
  6. Where else to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, Anker Community, forums, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.
  7. If you’re sharing your review on social media, don’t forget to add the hashtag #WeLoveTesting and tag our official account to increase the chances of being reposted.
  8. Once you have submitted your review, Anker reserves the right to use, edit, and repost.
  9. Copying others’ testing plan or failing to submit a review link will result in immediate disqualification and you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing events.
  10. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Tester Announcement

Hey Anker Fans,

Thanks for taking part in this We Love Testing event. I’m thrilled to announce the 10 testers are:



A confirmation email will be sent to you within 2 days. The products will be shipped directly to the testers within 2 weeks of confirming the participation. After you receive your PowerPort+ Atom III, please make sure to post a link to your review in the community under the review category within two weeks. Failing to submit a review link will result in immediate disqualification and you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing events.

Thanks again for taking part in and stay tuned for the next round of We Love Testing event!


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All those forgotten over the pond will be not in the game.
There might be some very sad about.
Not me, having fun here without any testing my humor,


Good luck everyone!

Sure wish one of these bricks had a detachable cable so it didn’t have to hang on the wall taking up so much space. Surely would make it pretty easy to make them “international” with different detachable cables with the different adapters.


Signed up and looking forward to reading/viewing other reviews.

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Thanks anker! I will create a testing plan soon!

Good luck to everyone and thanks Anker! :thumbsup:

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Good luck to the US members entering :four_leaf_clover: :ok_hand:

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Thank you @AnkerOfficial for yet another testing event.

Will apply shortly :blush:

Nice, good luck fellow US members :thumbsup:

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I love all of Anker’s chargers. I’ve been using one for the last 4 or 5 years and it’s still working just as good today as when I first got it. Looking forward to seeing some reviews on this one. :smiley:

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Submitted the application, now :crossed_fingers:

to participate or not :open_mouth:


"To be or not…

Do be do be do! :joy:

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Good for you to have this situation. No questions for me, just have to stay out !!

Was just thinking of buying one the other day, hopefully I can save some pennies by winning!

I was lucky to be selected for the last testing event, so I will pass on this one, that way someone else can give their view in a similar product and can end up with a nice item :ok_hand: Good luck everyone

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what the hack… I will put in my application :grin:


Well I’m gonna pass on this. Maybe the next testing event

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Good luck to those entering. :slight_smile: