We Love Testing | Are Your Ears Ready?



Hope it goes well! Good luck In being selected!


Good luck and best wishes! Hope all goes well :thumbsup:


All the best on the procedure @MacBlank …had a few relatives who have had the camera down the throat procedure (not one I would like myself though)…


I’d like to say it’s a new thing, but I’ve had it 5 times so far. Trouble is I keep wretching it out, so this time I’ll be put to sleep :wink: rather than just sedated. lol

I keep arguing in 280lb stop giving me child sized drugs😎

The throat are the easier ones… It’s up the bum that’s really uncomfortable… It’s ok, I won’t go into more info :laughing::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face: Hahahaha

Not only do I have problems eating drinking, but the other end doesn’t work well either. Apparently, an MRI just doesn’t give the detail a camera does :flushed:


I hope they pick me… I just received one for my Birthday… And I have to tell you not to happy with it… I hope this is a better one… I would LOVE to compare… This would make a total of 4…


Happy birthday :tada:!


I wish you all the best for the procedure.


Good luck on your biopsy. Keep us updated :thumbsup:


Looks very promising.
fingers crossed


My SoundCore blasting as im reading this :slight_smile:


wow a popular contest…Love it though…grats to all who will win


Today’s the day! :smiley:


June 6th will be the announcement day :grin:

Today’s the last day to enter contest,


I’d like to make a suggestion to those lucky chosen few…

If you’re chosen, please state which country your from… Just be interesting to see


Good luck to everyone. It’ll be awesome if I get chosen :grinning:


I just submitted my application :sweat_smile:

Best of luck to everyone :thumbsup:


Best of luck every one!
fingers crossed


Many thanks for the selection @AnkerOfficial …what started as not the best of days has certainly done a big turn around :heart_eyes:

Big congrats also to my co-testers, quite a spread on regions :tada: :thumbsup:



Congrats to the chosen testers! Looking forward to the reviews.


Great, I will do a comparison of course

I got this great message in the hospital now.
I had done some " old men’s surgery" yesterday.
All went fine, because weeds always grow tall.
I am allowed to walk around tomorrow.