We Love Testing | Are Your Ears Ready?



No me, because they will definitely choose me for this one…


:slight_smile: there is not a single event or contest where I don’t see you ask to be chosen … whats the source of your motivation @TechMan


My Soudncore flare provides tons of motivation :+1:


I really need a pair of flares now :wink: ( i will imagine i have those… and try to get the motivation from there)


Event extended[quote=“AnkerOfficial, post:1, topic:69328”]
This event runs from May 24th to June 5th, 2019. The testers will be announced on the community on June 6th, 2019.


Wow! This looks very awsome. Again nice job from Anker :slight_smile:


I thought so… it seemed to be longer earlier when I checked the ending :joy:


Thanks Anker :grin:


Looks like the applications submitted so far did not meet Anker’s expectations, and requiring more testers… I am yet to submit mine :wink:

Thanks @joshuad11 for the heads-up


Not enough newbies! :wink:


Possible … plus more entries may have new testing options listed, got more time to submit application :grinning:


I’m glad it got extended since I haven’t submitted my plan yet. Wonder why they decided to extend it :smirk:


They posted it to social media so I’m assuming they want fresh people to test instead of the regulars


Can’t blame them for that. I’ll still give it my best shot :thumbsup:


That’s a shame lol… I really want to test some soundcore products… I love speakers and earbuds a lot…


Based on past ones, normally a third (though often less) of the chosen are in most respects active community members…but fresh blood is needed when it comes to testing :slight_smile:


Nice. I saw Canada this time and I just applied :))


Really nice. I have 2 other Anker speaker and I can’t get other stuff because I love Anker products. Would love to get another one that has better sound. Anker never disappoints.


I think you missed a little phrase :confused::joy:


Just realised I will be having a small procedure in the reveal day (06/06) so some great news would be nice, while having a camera down my throat into my esophagus while they take a biopsy.

Amongst my many issues, one is I can choke on my food n drink. I do it quite often, and it’s bloody annoying! They’re not totally sure why, and think a “Botox” injection might help? They inject it into my esophagus, and it helps relax it or something.