We Love Testing | Are Your Ears Ready?



trust me, the existing pic looks much better in cool, calm stance than me sitting there :smiley:


My excitement has been mitigated a little by the first two reviews on Amazon being critical. :anguished:


I did read it this morning :disappointed:

Second one says about the firmware, interesting to see the behavior with an iOS device


Did my application go through??? After I hit the confirm, I am getting something went wrong. Our apologies.


Good luck to everyone entering. :slight_smile:


Good luck folks, hopefully get time to think about a test plan over the weekend lol


Just submitted my Application. Good luck everyone!


Just entered! Hope I can try it out!! It looks like a really great speaker!!


I hope to enjoy this speaker in my gym room as well as take it camping with me. I would compare it with other speakers I own and point out the positives. Hope to get to test it and share my opinion with others in the Anker forum and Amazon


Done mine good luck :+1::+1:


i have mixed thoughts on this speaker it looks a bit cheap for 100 dollars would like to see something more premium for that price


wow great speaker! good luck everyone!


@AnkerTechnical as I’ve linked my FB n insta, will you be returning the favour? IE… Follow me on Instagram.

Not long now to find out I’ve won nothing again!


I’m in! Really glad to see this included in the “We Love Testing” program. Hoping to be selected, but regardless, I’m very excited to see the reviews roll in :blush::clap:


good luck my friends on this one


I plan to test this speaker up against the Soundcore Motion B and the Tribit X Boom. This will break the review into a budget (motion B @ $30), mid tier (Tribit X Boom @ $70), and premium (motion+ @ $100). The X Boom has the best bass I’ve ever heard in a speaker so I want to see if this will top it.

I tend to go into detail with the little things. This includes packaging, unboxing experience, and other benefits/notes. I currently finished classes so I’ll have plenty of time to put out a quality review.


Did you use the link about to submit your plan?


Good luck everyone!


Looks like a nice speaker, It will be interesting to pit this against Zero


“The Best Sounding Speaker”… I’ll be the judge of that, @AnkerOfficial!!!