We Bring Tidings from CES…



My eyes are on the Wakey👀
It would be nice to see Google/Alexa integration of the ‘smart’ alarm clocks


Please let me know when I can have it in my hands The Rave looks so nice but can anyone see that in camo blue or digital blue :eyes::sunglasses:


Back to old days, I like it


I am most excited about the speakers, especially the rave speakers, I have been waiting for a long time for ANKER to make a large speaker. GO ANKER!!!


Rave speaker is good for party time.:sunglasses:


The Rave is exciting for me, especially the 24 hour playtime. I am also interested in the Wakey. Why did it take so long to come up with that idea?!


Because they were sleeping on it :sweat_smile:


Omg that is so cool :sunglasses:


The wakey has got my attention night get to work on time even :joy:.


This one should get you to work on time.


Yep! Looking forward to getting me one of them Wakeys. Wish it was already out for purchase cause my old digital alarm clock just crapped out!


Mine too. Must be a conspiracy :thinking::wink:


I took a chainsaw to my alarm clock, hated that thing. Try to press snooze and it would stay going off, try to silence it and it got louder… The chainsaw was a fitting death for it




My dream can wake me up everyday!:laughing:


Hello @AnkerOfficial any word on when Wakey would release? Be available?


I too would like to know release date…


Due to delays in factory production, it will not be available until the end of June.

Its coming.... the new wakey

Aww man. Now we have to wait :joy:. If you want, you can have me beta test it for you :joy: