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I don’t think so, because @Master78681 just got his today, and he didn’t change the Order :grin:


Oh wow missed that I guess :joy:. But I think I might get my cables tomorrow because it’s like 30 miles from where I live. Of course all that depends on how they decide to move packages around


My cables just got delivered :sunglasses: I just gotta get home now


Wow that’s quick… hopefully I’ll get mine Tuesday On the delivery details it said estimate of the 24th of april.
Easter Friday and Monday so it won’t get delivered then


Yea this time the delivery was fast! Hope yours get here soon as well :+1:


My delayed two pennies

If you don’t want what is offered as a giveaway, say so, and remove yourself from the pot. If you still want to enter for the fun, say so.

I could enter everything (like so many do) but I don’t… Why?

I’m not greedy, it’s often an unsuitable prize for me, more than not USA only, I have one or one that’s basically the same, I don’t drive, I’m not automated… Etcetera etcetera

Many times I say… Count me out the prize.

Maybe it’s an age thing, that I don’t need or have a desire to grab everything I can get my hands on… Nope, cos I was like it when younger too. I was brought up with the basics, and nothing extra, so you’d think I’d want to grab now, but if I don’t need, what is the point? Those I have given to in the past were ungrateful, so no more.

I’ve removed the sign from my head that said, twat!

  1. Isn’t the saying “my two cents worth”?

  2. Since this was for multiple prizes, if I had placed higher I would have had use for it. I was fully willing to give up my prize, but anker kindly offered a different one. If I didn’t have use for any of them, I wouldn’t have entered, as I too have in the past.

Still good advice though :wink:


I was hoping to get the wall charger but got the cables so I asked Anker (politely) if they would be willing to switch them out for ANY lightening cable or they can send my gift to the member who was 11th place. I’m greedy but if I can enter a giveaway for fun, I just do. If the gift is/are something I like, I’ll try to win it.

I am brought up with basics as well but I guess since I’m younger I like to buy things that I’ll actually USE or try to win it. I don’t try to win/buy everything I see.


@AnkerOfficial thank you guys


Hey @ikari04warrior send one to me, I need another one


You in Fayetteville right? Shipping shouldn’t be too expensive :joy: :joy:






Well, four Oaks, so yeah shipping would only be a buck or so. Lol


Looks like your getting a nice gift :rofl:


Shoot me a PM if serious :+1:


Same ideas Mac.
It depends on your age.
The elder you are the less you need.:grin:


Thanks @professor


Package should be coming today :grin:. That’s what the tracking said :joy:


Same here. Just looked and says should be home tonight. Honestly impressed with Swiship because they screwed up big time last time anker sent something


Wow these look good! Congrats again