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I think swiship is just for tracking… amazon actually fulfill the orders…


Not sure what exactly it is because there is a swiship warehouse or whatever near me and the package was there for 2 days before they decided to give it to usps which isn’t far from there


Whenever there was swiship, I have seen personnel with Amazon Shirt drop the items… Amazon has Implemented some kind of courier services…


I’ve seen some people delivering amazon packages but for whatever reason, usps gets my package and they deliver it. Not complaining but wish swiship was consistent about when and how they move packages around


Check it out! :grin::slight_smile:


Looks good! :smiley:


wow couldve done with one another one of those instead… oh well!


You got the USB-C charger… i would’ve been happy with trading :joy:


yeh but i’ll have to buy a extra wire for it.


Looks great! Just checked the mailbox and seems like the mailman hasn’t come yet. Guess I’ll just get to open them tomorrow :sweat:


Just got my prize to day so excited my family definitely thought I was crazy with how happy I was! Thanks again Anker you’re the best!


Look what just arrived!

It did have a little beating and torn tape though :confused:


i thought everything is closed on easter friday n monday?


Not in US. My college was on and looks like USPS isn’t closed either

I don’t know about banks though


Not sure where you live, but in the US everything is open Friday, Saturday, and Monday. About 50% of things are open Easter Day as well…


I live in the uk…

Looks like my package is still in transit


Oh, interesting… I guess you have different standards there :grin:. Most things are open on Christmas, and thanksgiving day as well…


Yea looks like holidays are the best time for business sales so everything is open and have some kind of sale (discount) starting a couple days before those holidays


it says here that colleges are closed on google


Well clearly University System of Georgia doesn’t follow that :joy:. Would love to have a day off though