[Upcoming Release] Liberty Neo 2!

I couldn’t tell you the difference.

Possible improvements should be,
Bluetooth stability
Better bass resonance (maybe even actually headthumping? 20 to 20)
Longer battery
USBC AND Wireless charging

Not everyone likes this overpowering bass that you like… just saying

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I get that, but 20-20 only gives you the bass if you tweak it to do so.

Otherwise, it gives a beautiful warm crisp sound.

I just feel that when a company keeps reiterating how much bass you can get from a product, but don’t use the drivers that can deliver it … If a person so wants.

Who wants a tiny bass line.

Let’s play a game!
Annithrr one bites the dust, and that amazing opening bass rift you hear from deacon all the through the track.

Do you want a crisp sound or an almost crisp sound? Sound like it’s on your phone, or like your listening to a music system type quality sound?

That’s all I’m saying.

Maybe I’m biased from years as working as a sound tech. I might be going slowly deaf, but I can still tell the difference in sound quality… I can tell you JBL 120tws walk over Samsung galaxy buds for tone, and Soundcore spirit headphones are better than the akg headphones. Yet the akg are bassier, but not as warm.

However, if I’m buying head banging bass up tech earphones, I want to be able to have head banging bass!

This has been improved.

The cost is also lower, so the focus is not on improving audio quality with this iteration.

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Nice find buddy. Thanks for sharing with us

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Thanks for sharing. Wont mind giving this version i try

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Nice thanks for sharing :+1:

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Consumers always have different needs. :relaxed:

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yeah me too i also love the improvments

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I thought this was a typo but I guess some people may be hesitant to make the jump to type c and will appreciate it.

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Am I the only person that isn’t completely sold on wireless headphones? I have multiple pairs of Soundbuds Slim+ and love them. Don’t mind the tiny cord connecting the earbuds at all … though I haven’t tried true wireless headphones.


Of course! I haven’t used wired buds in like 5 years… Do companies still manufacture them?

I still carry the old wired headset with me ( Anker Verve) for Laptop as well as backup for iPhone (via Lightening adapter)

I think if travelling, an old school style wired headset with a jack, is a great back up.

Also, if using old style, you’re not going to be such a target, as phycologically (?) You must be poor to use such, but someone with Bluetooth or totally wireless must have money to buy such tech.

Nice ones—-design and size all looking awesome… I was thinking :thinking: on them having USB-C. I wonder why not, everyone just switch to USB-C?
Shouldn’t it be unified now. It’s feasible for customers and their loyalty doesn’t hurt based on the ease of having one single cable. …one thing less to worry about.

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By keeping micro-usb, it maintains sales if the leads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice! I like the Neos a lot, but my only real complaint is the battery life. I have to remember to drop them in the case anytime I’m not using them. I use them at work, so I have them on about 6 hours of the day. As long as I remember to put them back in the case when I step away from my desk or not listening to music, they’ll last the whole work day. If I forget, then I get that annoying “your battery is about to die” sound. Looking forward to learning more about these!

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I own the Neo’s and overall like them but I am interested in the NEO 2’s.
Ideally, a little more bass at lower volumes, a little more high end volume, better bluetooth stability and better call quality would be the things I would look for.
I would have loved to test these in exchange for an honest review but I guess that ship sailed.

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Check this page frequently! You never know what might show up.

I have wireless earbuds but I still prefer my wired earbuds :+1:

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