The Photography Contest Returns



Not so good.

Will create a better one, when finding photos with good resolution.


Not bothering you, but we know each other and we are buddies with a lot of humor.




Nice to know, once I write my review for the Flare+, I’ll make sure to mention that


I know, I meant to say I’m happy to participate


Pool party with flare | Take two

The Soudncore flare is an amazing speaker for an amazing price. It’s one of the best speakers you can’t get for $60. If provides an amazing sound quality and a steady connection. It also has up to 12hrs of battery life!

P.S I had another picture I really liked. Decided to upload it too :man_shrugging:


Dang you’re like a photo editing wizard


And now the song is stuck in my head thank you


@TheCharneco how do you remove the watermarks or whatever there called?


Hahaha! You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@TechMan, I used the clone stamp tool and the content aware feature.


Whats happening guys? Not many entries, please post some … generate fun :slight_smile:


50 power bucks :blush:


I think with last year and a decent prize, lots entered, but this year, the prize fund has gone on a diet! :wink: So the prize pot is glory only and a discount!

Cos of this, not many can be bothered to work hard for little to no, reward!


I love this not only you get 50pb you get a discount code waiting for the perfect time to buy a new power bank :+1::upside_down_face:



The prize fund seems distributed across lot of other events…


A mini icon sends out an sos

This is the SoundCore Icon Mini showing that it can handle anything that you throw it’s way.

Not only does it sound great, it’s also tough enough for the harshest and most demanding of environments.


What is in that bottle? :joy:


@Chiquinho nothing to excite you sadly, just glow in the dark pebbles :joy:


I expected a plan for a hidden treasure in there ( The Cocos Island near Costa Rica :slight_smile: )


I don’t know if I meet the standards but I just want to enter because I am a hardcore Anker fan!

Title: Life is Best Lived Unplugged (Thought this sounded cool)
Product: Anker Powercore Fusion 5000 (hence the title)

I took a photo of my mother unplugging it from the wall to show the product’s portability. I know I won’t make it but I thank Anker for making wonderful reliable products!