The Photography Contest Returns



No we will not.
No sun today. :wink:


this looks like the puppies were sitting near the window edge (right below the windows) and the lighting effect is superb!

The middle one really looks a bit disappointed, the one on left is already looking sideways for the next giveaway :wink:


Yes I took this photo “against the light”.
And you see not all my little Dachshunds (German: Dackel) are interested in Anker cables! :grin:


Maybe they prefer poker?


No Dackel on this photo. :grin:
There is a real bavarian one!


Pool Day With Soundcore Flare

The soundcore flare is a soda-can(ish) sized speaker with a big mouth (I mean sound). For $60 it provides high sound quality and enough noise to fill a room! It’s BT connection, connects instantly to your device upon turning on. It also provides an ultra-steady connection from anywhere in the house!


I just realized that 1st place is only a 35% voucher… I thought it was a 50%…

With such a small prize the amount of entries will be minimal…


But there will be powerbucks added and winner’s photo will be displayed on Social Media :slight_smile:


Powerbucks reward makes it worth participating


It doesn’t matter what the price or the discount is.


I think that’s my fav :+1::+1::+1:


Flare does not have Bluetooth 5.0.

You may be thinking of Flare+. :slight_smile:


omg they did it lol:joy:


Yeah, Anker updated the contest banner page :thumbsup:


UHHHHHGGGG I missed sunset AGAIN!


I got one!


I was trying to think of what to do for this and it looks like @Chiquinho and I had a similar idea. lol.

I took a picture of my Liberty Neos and replaced an important prop from classic Star Trek. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the image I took to make it:


I made this collage just for fun, not for the contest
I have now a more funny idea.
Will try.


Looking forward to it! :smile:


I like this : fun.