The Photography Contest Returns



Title: Pika pee
Description: Pikaaaa
Product: SOUND BUDS CURVE BABY 12 hr battery life better than your AirPods!!!


For a second I though that was rave in the background :joy:


that rave thing took me 4 hours to build!. :frowning:


Woah. It looks nice whatever it is :+1:.

Btw the rave is a Bluetooth speaker that soundcore makes. It’s available to purchase from Walmart. I thought those were that lights in the center of the rave :grin:


Ahhhh okay, thanks! I didn’t know soundcore made one of these. I know Sony has something equivalent


I win!:smile::smile:


Nope. Yours isn’t original :joy:


Thanks for your participation!
The idea is good!


my Pikachu, my camera, my Soundcore Spirit Pro, why it isn’t original!:joy:


Soundcore icon mini was trapped on an island, but don’t worry, he can swim!:joy:


This is not a PS contest…:joy:


Well done @AnkerTechnical good idea :clap:


PS == Photoshop :joy: ?


Yes… adobe photoshop is abbreviated to PS


I didn’t use PS. I used Gimp :joy:
And the collages were just for fun.


Never heard of Gimp before, but thanks for the info… always used mspaint on Windows (yeah, its an old legacy app, still love it) will use Gimp sometime.


Try it, a mighty, free program same features as PS.
Works on ALL platforms (OS).
This is a real program, which can be used by all. :wink:


Gimp is far superior! It’s like photoshop, but it’s free, and it crashes sometimes…


Thank you @Chiquinho @TechMan will surely give Gimp a try soon :slight_smile:


Not sure I’d hear someone wanting to give gimping a try on here :wink: