The Photography Contest Returns



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Hmmm… not sure where Anker picked this image from… hope not a copyright infringement lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Hahaha. Yep! It looks like it came from Shutterstock.


No no it came from Africa :wink:


That’s just where the rains were blessed.


:slight_smile: @AnkerOfficial violated one of the rules here :joy: :joy::joy::joy::joy:


We are never short of a drama in any of the events, do we :wink: ?



Never. That’s life!


Nice, managed to remove both water mark and Afrika on the shirt :heart_eyes:


Title: Icon Before the Coming Storm

Description: This is the Soundcore Icon hanging on the handlebars of my hardtail mountain bike. Taken in the south hills of Helena, Montana, you can see the Montana State Capitol building in the background on the right. The Big Belt Mountains dominate the horizon, with the iconic “Sleeping Giant” mountain on the left. To the left of the Sleeping Giant is an active rain storm moving towards the camera, which would later rain on the bike and the icon while resting on top of Mount Ascension. In addition to being an excellent shot of the Icon in action, this photograph captures the natural splendor of the Western Montana landscape for what is is - expansive, rugged, and unpredictable. No filters or editing of any kind has been applied to this image. It was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S9+.


Soundcore Cocktail:joy:


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OK I will think about.


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Finally @Chiquinho you are inspiring members including Ankerofficial with Beers :beers: and cocktails :cocktail:


Another attempt.


What’s product inside, you’d better take it out!:joy:
By the way, I love the way you use light.


The product is a cable.

The Dachshund are waiting too.
Hope they will not be disappointed,
as they are expecting something else. :joy:


Dang it! I missed sunset yesterday, Need it for my picture. hopefully I catch it today. (Please don’t copy my sunset idea):yum: