The Anker Photoshop Contest | Enter Now to Win Prizes

Hey Anker Fans!

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of creativity from you guys. From t-shirt designs to photography, we know that there is some serious imagination hidden throughout the community.

So to give you all a chance to show your skills, we decided to hold a photoshop contest. All you have to do is use photoshop (or any other editing app/software) to turn ordinary Anker images into works of art! There’s no specific theme, just use any Anker image or combination of images and start getting creative.

Then on October 29th, we’ll choose the top 3 entries and the creators of each one will win a prize! Check out what prizes you can win below:

First Prize: PowerCore Essential 20000

Second Prize: Soundcore mini

Third Prize: PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable

Don’t miss out on this chance to show off your skills, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Power On!


  • The winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity, as well as the opinion of the admin and the number of likes your photo gets.
  • Open to the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, and Italy.
  • Event ends on Oct 29th, 2020.
  • Prizes will be shipped out to winners on Nov 5th, 2020.

Winner announcement: :tada::tada::tada:
Second: @Amy_Guskin“The Persistence of Soundcore”
Third: @cozanAnker Halloween


So lets start.
I will use GIMP (free software, same features as photoshop, even better :rofl:)

I have so many stored meanwhile.

This one I like! :smiley:


And dont forget to play the blue danube waltz (Stanley Kubrick 2001)


Great Contest @AnkerOfficial hope to see some great entries for this :slight_smile:

Hmm can I think of something creative? :thinking:
Great contest either way @AnkerOfficial!

Great and funny contest!

Interesting contest again @AnkerOfficial :+1:

More of dabbling experience on my part rather than an entry (Franz I think has this one nailed :slight_smile:)

A line in the sand or a strange wind…


I took a look at my special folders.
I created so many meanwhile
There is another one I like.

BUT this is really the last one I publish for that contest


Another awesome contest, thanks Anker!

Thats got to be fake / photoshopped, you can see the camera in the helmet reflection :wink: :laughing:


You are right!
I will remove that and take another one! :rofl:

I can’t wait to see some of the entries. Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to all the funny entries

Me after listening to lp2s :

thanks for this awesome contest @AnkerOfficial the problem with photo shop is you have to be creative and it takes a while to find some inspiration but if you put creativity and inspiration together you get a masterpiece👌

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Hahaha I like this one


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Thank you, Anker, for a cool competition. Haven’t used Photoshop in years, it was fun.

I thought I would have a Halloween theme as its that time of the year.

I have added four Anker devices:

The “PowerExpand 12-in-1 USB-C PD Media Dock” had a coffin kind of look, so I could not resist and had to make Count Dockula.

On the “PowerPort Strip 3 with 3 USB Ports”, the 3 AC Outlet looked so much like a Ghost face, so I added it to my ghost.

I used the “PowerCore 5000” as the witches broomstick to give her that extra charge while flying in the night sky.

I used the “eufy SpaceView Baby Cameras” as my pumpkins, as the idea just jumped out at me.

I hope you like it and look forward to all the entries.

Happy Halloween to all.


OMG, if you didn’t tell me the ghost face is a PowerPort Strip 3 I would never ever know lol. Well done!

Hahaha so cool! Love the idea!

Couldnt help myself, havent used Photoshop in so long, having too much fun.