The Anker Photoshop Contest | Enter Now to Win Prizes

Hahaha so cool! Love the idea!

Couldnt help myself, havent used Photoshop in so long, having too much fun.


Girl with an Anker Earbud
Thanks, @AnkerOfficial , for a fun contest!


The Anker Soundcore Flare Donut monster!
This was very fun. Thank you @AnkerOfficial



Really Awesome!

The Persistence of Soundcore
Thanks, @AnkerOfficial , for a fun contest that was a great time waster for a Tuesday! :smiley:


Monkeying around


The Birth of Powercore+
Once again, thanks, @AnkerOfficial , for a fun contest!


Its always nice to design something for fun!

Apple done messed up.

I hope you are happy. I got nothing done at work today but was inspired to create this!


Best 20 minutes on Snapchat I’ve every had.

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Wow so far these look great. I am pretty crap at photo shop so I am not even going to try.

I’m not good either but I’ll still try to enter

I’m sure you will do great bud :+1:

LOL You guys are killing me. I start to think of something and gather some pictures and come around here and somebody already have a similar thought …

So I am just going to post a couple old ones that I did at work that I had to use Microsoft paint on them.

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Another great contest…may the best one win! All the best everyone

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Rocking Anker Gear #ankerofficial @AnkerOfficial

Vincent Van Gogh really loved his Ankerry Night!
This was actually really fun to create and I hope Van Gogh won’t despise me for this remix. The charger cords are shooting stars, the battery bank tower, the speakers stars, and the phones on the bottom houses.
Thank you @AnkerOfficial Ankerry%20Night

WOW! Didn’t expect this coming. :open_mouth: Love the concept behind it! I’m too amazed to talk now :+1: