The 757 PowerHouse Mega Media Thread 🗞

Welcome to the mega thread for the all-new 757 Anker PowerHouse! This is where you can find all the latest news and reviews related to the 757.

We’ll be updating the thread regularly, but if you find a review or piece of news we haven’t posted yet, feel free to share it in the comments below!

Articles :writing_hand:

Gadget Flow
"It can charge from 0% to 80% in only 3.6 hours. That’s pretty darn handy since it means you can therefore keep your other devices charged up for a while after. It’s one charger to rule them all…

Read the full review HERE

Input Mag
“The new powerstation has six AC outlets that can put out a total of 1500W. There’s also one 100W USB-C port, a 60W USB-C port, four 12W USB-A ports, and a car port that maxes out at 120W. For reference, this thing can power a refrigerator for 2.7hours in blackout scenarios, or used outdoors to power your phone, laptop, drone, or even a 1150W electric grill for 48 minutes…”

Read the full review HERE

The Verge
“The other notable difference is that Anker is offering a 5-year warranty on its battery, quite a bit longer than the two years the other companies offer, and it claims its battery should still charge up to 100 percent capacity - not the typical 80 percent - after 3,000 charge cycles…”

Read the full review HERE

Videos :movie_camera:

Wild Wonderful Offgrid
(08:30 - 09:45)


“This is easily hands down the best powerstation that I have reviewed yet”


I never trust in those pure propaganda videos.
A honest one from a well known member of this forum I would trust in.
Here we can talk and ask questions and not only take a look at the usual useless “unpack videos” published without any scientific backround.

What the fellows here are offering is only a repetition of manual data,
one who is able to read, can check these out by one self.

Sorry, but this is my true and honest opinion.


So I am offering up @Chiquinho as the forum tester of this product. :wink: Do I hear a second to that motion? Now you just need a 757 to test for us :smile:


On one picture, I thought it was smaller that it seemed but this video is a better perspective of the size I was thinking it would be ( thought it may have been a little bigger than that but good that it is the size it is)


I second that!

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We have here some perfect testers who got wisdom and skills.
Much better than I could do.
I do not handle such a youtube channel or any accounts on these unsocial media.
So I am not a person who can do pure propaganda work. :grin:


Would not want you to do propaganda work but to tell the truth and nothing but the truth…


This is what I expect from testers, but the most of these dont.



So this weighs same as an average American 6 year old.

Someone needs to remake this video using a Powerhouse instead as the weights.

I would do a review but I’m probably not in a country they ship to. I suggest send to Duane or Tank.


As yall know I tested
and use the Powerhouse II 400. I use it almost daily and love it. Would I love to test and work out this new one? Hell yes I would love to own and test this bad boy out. I find myself using mine in situations I didn’t think I would, like when traveling in the car to run a mini fridge, using it in the driveway with my portable car lift instead of running extension cords everywhere. This lil 400 has held up, but is underpowered and this new one would be perfect for all my needs.

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Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t see anything more than reading information Anker supplied.

Anker need to send to someone who does a teardown. e.g. Jerryrigeverything.

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Best are the teardowns from the very skilled youtubers.
After the “teardown” destruction they
will never be able to reassemble the device.
This I call a true engineer’s work.:rofl:


Anything which can’t be reassembled is landfill and annihilated any chance of environmental credibility.

Serviceability isn’t difficult to engineer, it’s called screws and plugs not glue and solder.

Can Anker either state the serviceability, or send to a reviewer who does a teardown.

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Have you ever seen such teardown specialists?
Often using hammer and pliers but no brain.
I am sure I can do a such one without destroying the device.


Well it’s a discussion.

Suppose this product isn’t serviceable.

So the next product, it has

  • a user replaceable diagnostic module.
  • the diagnostic module reports the health and which components are failing or failed.
  • the owner under warranty reports the failing or failed components, that part is dispatched to owner for self service swapping
  • the removed component is either posted back to Anker for them to repair or owner asked to discarded locally following local environmental rules.

Anker go make it, the Powerhouse Professor Edition ™

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All things are serviceable if the designers want to.
Or better to say they would like to do a well designed and repairable device, but the company says NO.

How are the ideas of ANKER?
@AnkerOfficial ask the designing engineers , please.

Thats the sh’t of many things designed and sold in our undergoing world.
50 years ago it was quite easy to repair a car, but today?
One need programs and licenses.
This is called progress, I call it “bullsh’t”.