Take Our Survey to Win a Free USB-C Hub

Thank you! It looks good now. :blush:

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Thats it.
I wrote this aspect when completed the survey. :smile:

Entered, and yes i love the design option of a few of these

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Fun survey, thank you ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t mind doing the quick 2 minute surveys.

It’s annoying when a company says it’ll take 5 minutes but after 15 minutes you’re only 40% done :upside_down_face:

Great work here :ok_hand::v:

Depends on the answers.

I don’t think it is a survey. I think they have their own mind and it is a method to target sales to those who fit.


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You should change your avatar to that of “Protecto” :rofl:

I don’t really need the hub, I am still in high school but I will still fill out the survey. Maybe my dad will want it if I win.

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Submitted. This would probably be a gift to a family member if winning, I have something closer to my needs then that.

But another opportunity to say:
Please include DisplayPort so I can drive my monitor at a full 60Hz refresh rate no matter how high the resolution is!

Also, I don’t need a hub with a gimmick (fan, stand, etc). I need it to have the right ports without being bigger than necessary. No SD card reader necessary, thanks.


Yeah So much hubs have sd and microsd cards, those are like the only things I fonder need but a DisplayPort would be nice.

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I legit am currently looking for one of those since my wife just got an macbook pro.

Great little survey! I love seeing all the different usb c hub forms that they are looking into!

Thank you fro the opportunity to win @AnkerOfficial but not for CA this time?

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I don’t use USB-C and answered truthfully so don’t think I’ll be entered for the giveaway (assuming you are if you answer a certain question). But if do end up winning, I’ll just give it to one of my friends

Cool giveaway for those who need it!


It will be a gift for one of my sons. They both got gaming pc and they are finally getting to the need of having one.

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+1 from survey. I would love it if they had in the future a hub that could also be a Nintendo Switch hub where I can plug in my Nintendo AC adapter for power.

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Done the survey :+1:. I do like a freebie but this is actually something that I would make use of at the moment working from home.
Good luck everyone :crossed_fingers:

Finished the survey

I only had 2 questions.