Star Contributors! | One Year Anniversary!

Oh yeah I forgot I did claim one of my 50% off coupons for the car jump pack. I also got to test and keep the Nebula Mars 2

How do you become a star contributor?

Anker had a thread once asking people why they should be the star contributor. Than they chose three People. This is our first set of star contributors.

We don’t know if they will continue to be star contributors. We don’t know if there will ever be more. We don’t know if they will run in “shifts” or “terms”.

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Oh I see. Can you link that thread?

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Yep. here it is.

This is the announcement…

Aww, @professor beat me to it :grin:

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Awesome, thanks man :+1:

Happy 1 year @tank, @joshuad11 and @tiagomota! I’ve really enjoyed reading and participating in your posts over the past year and I look forward to your new ones!


That’s funny :joy:. I think he only mentioned it in one thread.

I can see how it can be confusing since he changed his profile picture at the same time :joy:

Yea I don’t recall reading that thread. Oh well, at least I know now lol

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I think it was mixed into the “New Year, new freinds” thread. But it was added like a month or two later :grin:. I was teaching everyone how to change there username since I was the first one to do it :joy:

I’m too lazy to dig it up, I’m sure it will pop up eventually. I’ll make a mental note to read the whole thread then

It’s towards the end… doesn’t really matter to be honest :grin:

I’ve been really satisfied with the star contributors this past year. The posts have been high quality and they have been highly active and helpful to those coming to the community for help. This is exactly what we need!

I hope that Anker will keep them on for the next year and onwards.

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They all made a good job.
Of course they should be kept.
No changes please.


Very well written @Anjou1888 ! They deserve all the props! Definitely hard to find the time to contribute, but they do it! Thank you @Tank @tiagomota @joshuad11 and moderators @ndalby & @TechnicallyWell


It’s really a shame that @tiagomota won’t be as active this year…

@Anjou1888 you definitely went above and beyond on writing this thread. Good job man :+1:

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Thanks :sweat_smile:

Thanks @professor - I really appreciate your contributions too!

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