Star Contributors! | One Year Anniversary!

Just wondering who will be next?
Do the current lot keep their titles?

It hasn’t been announced. Anker said that “hopefully the start contributors will keep there position for at least a year”

I think Anker did a great job in picking these peeps. They are perfect for the job. Thank you to each and every one of them for bring great information and order into the community. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Congrats guys![quote=“Anjou1888, post:1, topic:68013”]
I would like to thank our star contributors @joshuad11 @Tank @tiagomota and our moderators @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell on behalf of the whole community, for putting so much time into making this place be a fun, educational place to be, and for being so helpful!

Nice shout out, keep on with the good work


Very well written post, @Anjou1888! At first I thought this was from one of the admins it was so good!

To answer your questions

  1. I enjoy being a Star Contributor, and helping out the Community in any way possible.
  2. I think the biggest room for improvement is in our communication with the admin team. I believe better communication between us about topics we want to create would lead to even higher quality content. I will say that @AnkerOfficial has ambitious plans to improve the entire Community experience throughout this year, and you all should be excited!
  3. I actually haven’t claimed any of my rewards yet :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

In the future, I hope “senior members” will receive similar benefits to star contributors, as it’s a more all-inclusive rewards method.


Thanks :sweat_smile:

@joshuad11 you need to be sure to claim the prizes before they’re invalid :grin::sunglasses:.

I should also probably add my comment on this. If anker did that, it could begin to get expensive for them. Perhaps it could be “cheaper” version. Like just one top release. Or perhaps just the two “coupons”.

I think if they gave all senior members this full reward, we may see a lot of people get a lot more “active”. If you know what I mean :wink:

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I know I’m not too far off leveling up, bit can never remember how to find experience points.

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Hit your account profile picture in the top right, and then hit the settings gear. Than your experience points should be right there :grin:

Damn so @Tank is actually the elmo41683 guy, lol all this time I thought elmo41683 was just gone :joy:


It’s been a pleasure being an active member of this community and, I hope, helping with whatever wisdom I can offer!

I enjoy it very much! I did most of it before becoming a star contributor for the sheer pleasure of it. :grin:

I’m in a moment of my life with little free time - back to school and with a soon-to-be one-year-old boy at home. The room for improvement comes mostly from myself being able to dedicate some more time to the community. I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain my standard participation in 2019… :neutral_face: Other than that, @AnkerOfficial already took some steps to improve our participation, and we are looking forward to sharing some amazing info with you people!

I ended up not requesting the 50% off - mostly because I forgot about it. But I did got a Nebula Mars II - which I reviewed - thanks to some fortunate timing and Anker’s flexibility - it’s not available in Canada, where I live, so they delivered it to me when I was at the US for a weekend. And we all got the amazing christmas kit!

As I mentioned before, being part of this community has been great, and I look forward to what we will do next! I can only wish to be at the same level as @joshuad11, @Tank, @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell, and so many other amazing community members who actively participate in our online gathering. It’s a real pleasure being here!


This is a great thread. I looked at it in the morning and forgot about it until now. @joshuad11, @Tank, @tiagomota, @ndalby, and @TechnicallyWell have all done exceptionally well in their “positions”.

Congratulations to all of them for their year anniversary!

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So you only redeemed one of your top releases? Anker May still allow you to redeem the coupons as well if you want them :grin:.

It’s sad to hear you won’t be as active this year…

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Congrats on your soon to be 1 year old boy :relaxed:


Thanks @AnkerOfficial and the Star Contributors :sunglasses:

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Seeming as others have expanded on your questions…I’ll add mine to the mix as well :grin:

Each day is always different (which is good) and to an extent most members are good at moderating themselves and watching out for others…which makes the ‘job’ an easy one most of the time…

Besides from becoming an admin…probably some stuff, not certain, would have to think on that some more :thinking: :coffee:

Used one of my 50% off discounts in trade for the 7-in-1 hub when a won auction item was unavailable…other than that not claimed (or been offered) any top new releases but I’ve been fortunate on the testing events and gift boxes, so its all good :grin:

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I don’t know if anker will ever give out admin to non-anker employees :joy::grin:

Was meant more in jest :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah I forgot I did claim one of my 50% off coupons for the car jump pack. I also got to test and keep the Nebula Mars 2

How do you become a star contributor?

Anker had a thread once asking people why they should be the star contributor. Than they chose three People. This is our first set of star contributors.

We don’t know if they will continue to be star contributors. We don’t know if there will ever be more. We don’t know if they will run in “shifts” or “terms”.

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