Star Contributors! | One Year Anniversary!

This April marks the one year anniversary of our first set of Star Contributors! They have been the best set we have had yet! (Oh wait, never mind).

@joshuad11 Is one of our contributors. He seems to have all of the upcoming information on new products, and product updates! When you have a question, he either knows the answer, or will dig deep into product Manuals to figure it out! When it comes to product specs or technical questions, this the man!

@Tank (formerly elmo41683) Is another contributor. He has studied the anker brands for years, and can help you with a plethora of questions and problems! He is very kind, and can help you with your questions without making you feel stupid! :grin:

@tiagomota Is our star contributor who writes in depth reviews, and helpful posts and topics to give you a full understanding of what he is writing about. Without him I would never know what black tea will hydrate me!

I would also like to give an honorable mention to our moderators @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell, since they get star contributors privileges too!

I have a few questions to our star contributors (and moderators).

  1. How do you like your prospective areas, and performing there duties?
  2. In what areas of your “jobs” is there room for improvement?
  3. In the rules it states the the start contributors (and mods) get “50% off three products of their choice every year (priced under $200 each), and Two free top releases per year (like Nebula Mars)”. I’m curious as to which products you chose in both of these categories?

Now I would like to ask a question to the rest of the community. How do you think our start contributors and moderators are doing?

I can ask this with confidence that we will receive positive answers, since everyone has done so well in there positions!

I would like to thank our star contributors @joshuad11 @Tank @tiagomota and our moderators @ndalby and @TechnicallyWell on behalf of the whole community, for putting so much time into making this place be a fun, educational place to be, and for being so helpful!

This past year has been a real joy to be part of this community! And I have to contribute a lot of that to out volunteer staff!

I trust you will continue to be active and helpful on this community for years to come!


They are for sure an awesome bunch who I have had the pleasure of conversing with for a few years now.
They definable know the brand inside out and will give honest feedback on products which is great for us all.

There is also the @professor who really puts a lot of time and effort into the community. Another very knowledgeable person who will help out anyone.

Cheers guys for all you do.

Big shout out to @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical for keeping the community smothered in lovely topics, awesome products and fabulous competitions :clap:


I think @professor could have been a Contributor if he wanted to. He said he didn’t want to when they were being chosen. He is another very helpful person and a great part of this community!

He had a lot of recommendations in the contest if I recall correctly.

You only joined in September. You must of throughly read that thread to have this awesome knowledge :joy:


I’ve been reading through older threads, especially more important ones like that one :grin:

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reading through the threads is exactly what I did, I read every thread before I finally decided to post myself and then I just been here ever since. I could have been posting long before that but I enjoyed reading everyones post and answers. It wasnt until I had got a car charger for christmas in 2016 did I decide to actually start posting…well, when I got the charger in February or March of '17. it was delayed due to being out of stock and me keeping on Anker to not forget.


Yeah, it’s really fun and educational to read through old threads. The problem is they’re hard to find :grin:. I guess I could just go into someone’s thread history and go to there earliest ones :grin:

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its not hard at all to find threads you have not read…So you know that the forum is devided into brands and subcategories of the brands, so go to any particular one and then organize them by “unread” topics and keep doing the same for every subforum

Does it have all topics ever made? I figured when you did that it only showed topics from the past month or so. I will have to start finding them that way :grin:

Honestly I couldnt tell you anymore since I have been through and read all unread topics for me

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You have started a nice thread @Anjou1888 with lots of good thought into it. This actually an inspiration for future mods & contributors by looking up to the current ones we have on this forum.
They all are really doing very well in their roles, I appreciate their efforts and time spent to keep this community informative and well organized.
I do understand from time to time there will be discussions going off the road and our mods, especially @ndalby did very good job keeping it focused on the topic and Anker products but not to go personal.

I really enjoy staying active in this community, which I have never done before, and glad I did start with Anker.

A big shout out to the entire Anker team !


I remain of the view a separate ranking of contributor is anti community.

I see other members making good contribution like @gAnkster.

There are plenty of ways to recognize contribution.

But, this is Anker’s choice. They pay the AWS bill.

Oh and making a new thread, transparently to make points is also not nice.


What do you mean? You don’t think we should have star contributors? What do you suggest?

I suggest the more equal we are the more we become different. I am against the idea of star contributor. So my alternative idea is ditch it.

But this is Anker’s community so they can do what they want.

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What ways would you recommend? I don’t remember reading that in the original thread… I do remember you not liking the idea

Simply by itself

Say someone cooked me a nice meal, I tell them that. I don’t have to give them a “star cook” badge. Most humans feel the benefit of honestly delivered feedback and don’t need the apartiite of a label.

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It’s not just a label, they also get rewards… anker wants to give prizes to the most active and helpful members…

Haven’t got any complaints with Anker’s selection of contributors. :muscle:t2:

All done a great job and helped community grow.

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@Tank did you notice these questions :grin::wink:

Good topic @Anjou1888 :thumbsup:

Wow, has it been a year already :open_mouth: Congrats on the anniversary @joshuad11 @tank @tiagomota , hope your still rocking the contributors titles for a while to come :birthday: :tada:

Appreciate the shoutout @Ice1 :ok_hand: