SoundCore Zero Review (2018) - Features, Audio & IPX Testing

Disclaimer: This review was written as part of the We Love Testing program here. I received one Soundcore Zero to review and compare as part of a testing plan to my existing dual SoundCore Flare setup.

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Key Features

  • 60 watt Hi-Res audio output from dual woofers, tweeters & passive radiators designed by ScanSpeak
  • Bluetooth 5.0 supporting HFP, A2DP, AVRCP and multi-point play
  • Internal 6700 mAh Battery for up to 10hrs playback depending on volume level (& to some extent content type)
  • 3hr charge time via the 15V / 3A 5mm charger
  • Built in microphone for hand free calls
  • Auxiliary input
  • Built-in & App controls for Power (On/Off), Play/Pause, Vol Up/Down, Bluetooth & BassUP control
  • True Wireless Stereo capabilities with pairing to another SoundCore Zero
  • IPX5 Waterproof rating - covering average splashes and sprays, just don’t submerge…

The Good (very good)

  • Very Impressive audio and bass, especially with high bitrate content like 24bit live albums
  • Good battery life
  • Multi-point play support for x2 BT audio sources
  • Improved access flap for power & auxiliary, no more fighting like the SoundCore Flare
  • App control with user set power save settings
  • Ability to pair with another Zero speaker for true left/right stereo playback
  • Water resistance (splash-proof) - good for accidents or areas with children…

Not so good

  • Another charging standard, a 5mm connector much like a non-USB-C laptop…surely USB-C would have been a sound choice?
  • loss of full omnidirectional audio like the Flare…the Zero returns to the previous directional output of other SoundCore speakers with bass prominent from the rear…impairs audio a touch, depending on seated location, if used centrally in the room…
  • No included manual (full specs and controls) :confused: only a quick start guide :thinking:


First off, well done with the review. I love your accent. :slight_smile: As far as the design goes, I’m on the fence with it. I don’t know if I like the “handbag” look of it. Compared to the Flares that you have there, I’d take those over the Zero due to its size and looks. Besides that, I have a fondness for the lights on the Flare. Hahaha.

I totally agree! And I thought micro USB was bad enough.

Great job as usual, Neil! The bass sounds great on the Zero!

Cheers @Nhi @TechnicallyWell

The Flares are better for portability and are still my main setup for laptop use but the Zero certainly does knock it out of the park when it comes to hi-res albums (of which I have many :grin:)…I’ve only charged the Zero three times over the past two weeks (with a lot of use) but I still keep scratching my head over the charging choice :confused:


Yes the battery is good for about 10 hours playtime.

Great review Neil @ndalby - not sure about the design, but ultimately sound quality would be the deciding factor for me. How does it perform at high volume levels and is it balanced across the audio bandwidth without BassUp on? Thanks for sharing, great pictures too :grin:

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Fabulous review Neil. Can totally notice the louder audio compared to the dual Flares too.

Regarding the charging. Very frustrating to have reverted to another power brick instead of USB C as this means you cannot charge it up now with a power bank. Really bad choice.

Also loved the splash test :joy:

Listen on my Soundcore Life 2’s :thumbsup:

@Blotch @Oggyboy Cheers chaps :ok_hand:

@Blotch To be honest I haven’t had the speaker above 80% so far as my neighbours would likely be pounding on my door to turn it down after 10 minutes :laughing: The few times I’ve had it at 60-80%, the audio sounded fine on the genre’s I tested, such as Rock, Opera, Jazz and Orchestral (instrument only soundtracks) minus BassUp…


As Neil mentioned I haven’t used the ZERO at “full volume”
Though the next neighbour lives in the next house and I am
a little bit hard of hearing I haven’t tried.

I am sure there is much power.
But what will happen to the sound?
Those “harsh trebles” some spoke when testing the ZERO?

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Would be good to know for those who are noticing treble issues what songs, bit-rate and source (BT / Aux) methods they are using so we could all test using the same and see if it’s solely a speaker design issue or just individual preference on playback :slight_smile:


Same conditions are essential, indeed.

I used a lot of different types of music, different adjustments of eq.
(NOT these simple eq given by the “app”)

I reduce always the preamp of the eq a lot,
as a bad adjusted preamp leads to distortions.

But when listening to streamed radio (I can not use eq) all is excellent.

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Hi everyone,

I’m a proud owner of a SoundCore Motion +, which with EQ refinenments i like a lot. I just saw one Model Zero on good price (at eBay) and I purchased it. Can you confirm that we can personalize the EQ settings like i can do on Motion +? (Someone said on other reviews that only predefined settings were possible).

Also, do anyone have both that can share their opinions?
(my goal is to leave tge Model Zero more as a fixed speaker)

I have both and I wrote a review about.
You may search for it.
I was comparing ZERO, MOTION+ and FLARE.
Eq-settings : I dont use that presets from the app.
I use a 10 frequency eq from Banshee Linux mint.
The idea to have the ZERO as a steady indoor speaker is OK.
You should play around a lot where to place it.
It makes a great difference I found out.
If there are more questions, ask!
You are welcome!!!

Thank you for your reply.

Do we see any “major” sound differences between Motion+ and Zero (when both adjusted by equalizer)?

Many thanks in Advance

That’s a very difficult question indeed.
I just did a comparing of a MOTION B and an ICON mini.
Both small speakers, without eq not much bass.
But with some eq settings its quite fine.

There is one thing I have to point out.
The ZERO is a real giant (never had my hands on these Raves)
so for me the sound is more voluminous.
The MOTION+ is the" usual brick", so is the sound is another one.
All some kind of “feeling”!
I like the ZERO more than the Motion+.
But this is my opinion only
Listening to classical music so there is no “volume” needed!

But Motion+ got USB-C charging and a powerbank function.

Thank you for replying.

I think that since I already own 1 Motion +, maybe it will make more sense to buy another Motion + and pair them as stereo on the near future.

I would recommend this!
Makes more sense!
Do it and enjoy the weekend!