Soundcore motion+ terrible battery life

Hey everyone!

I have searched thoroughly on reddit and this community and I haven’t seen a lot of people with the same problem as me, however some reviews on Amazon talk about bad battery life.

I have tested this twice since I got the speaker. I charged the speaker to 100% each time with the recomended 2A 5v charger and original cable.

A full charge doesn’t last for 6 hours of playtime.

For example, one night I played 1 hour of a podcast with the speaker at 100% battery, the next day when I reconnect the speaker is at 70%.

Usually I don’t use more than 50% volume when listening.

I am careful to turn off the motion+ each time, so the issue isn’t from leaving the speaker on all the time.

Does anybody else have this issue?

It is not normal.
The Motion+ has a very long lasting battery. (Mine too)
If your speaker is under warranty you should write a message to the service.


From your description I’m with @Chiquinho that something is not right with your speaker (have the same model). While playing at high / max volume will drop your speaker playback times, the numbers you mention should yield a longer playback time on a single charge.

I would suggest you reach out to with the issue you are having and any troubleshooting steps taken for support under your warranty.


Will do! Thanks for the help

Does your speaker save the equalizer settings Chiquinho? Mine ways reverts to bass up

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I don’t use that soundcore application.
May be Neil (@ndalby) can answer your question.
As far I know this was always a problem with that app.

“Tu es Portugese ou Brasiliero?” :smiley:

Rarely use the equalizer app but it did retain settings when tested. Outside of using the app, I’ve seen the bass up toggle itself to be on (after being off) at initial power on…though only after being on charge…

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Are you referring to the device’s battery indicator on your phone? I’m not sure about this particular model, but most Bluetooth speakers I’ve used only show 4 or 5 levels, so they’ll go something like 100% > 70% > 30% > 0%.

The in-between levels don’t show specifically like something like AirPods do. So if the battery is not fully charged, it’s normal for it to show something like 70% even if it’s really at about 85%.

I wouldn’t rely solely on the phone’s battery indicator, but by the actual number of hours the speaker performs instead.

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Good idea. :wink:
I forgot this as I never use it.
He should run a test of the absolute playing time of that speaker.

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Yeah, I’m talking about the device’s battery indicator. Unfortunately it isn’t the case with this one, the battery goes up or down in 10% increments ( 100->90, and so on).

Usually the speaker turns off when the battery reaches 20%.

I can only give you an estimate as the past few days I only used the speaker three times although it was fully charged before I started using it.

1 hour while listening to podcasts
1 hour while working out
1 hour listening to Spotify
And maybe 1 more hour just to avoid user error

So roughly 4 hours of playtime with a full charge.
I’m guessing the speaker drains battery whilst off.

Thanks for the input!

Ah, OK… yes, support will be happy to help you if you’re not getting the full battery life. Thanks for the information!

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No problem! Thanks for the help

Anker support has already issued a replacement, I will update when it arrives.

Furthermore, I would like to say that anker costumer support is awesome. It is on par with noctua and Amazon.


That’s really not normal.
You should contact the support.

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Damn! I just received the new speaker today. The old one must have been defected.

This one sounds much better. The bass is tighter and the mids are much clearer. I was surprised to see that It also came with 70% battery. The old one didn’t even have a charge.

It also lacks that one second lag before you start hearing the music, however I’m not sure if this was caused by the latest software update.

So far I’m really happy with it!


Great result, enjoy :+1:t2:

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