Soundcore motion+ terrible battery life

Great all is perfect now!

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Glad your issue was resolved

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My Anker soundcore motion+ and full charge when full volume and bassup battery only last for 3 hours sometimes 2.47 minutes even 2.50 minutes have checked many times is very bad battery life is not good am even angry with the speaker takes 4 hours to charge after the waste of time charging can’t even last for the amount it takes to charge only 3 hours or 2.50 hours this is very bad to hear from Anker product I believe u people but now am very disappointed

If the speaker is under warranty you should contact the support.
Seems to be defective.

I did some calculations and came up with the following…
30w speaker uses:
30w x 1hr (3600s) =108000w.
The battery provides 3.7v x 6.7Ah x 3600sec (=89244w)
So around 49.6 minutes at full vol…
Whether this is accurate in actual performance?
I have yet to find an opportunity to test it in reality.
Charging happens at a third of max.
If you keep it at around half volume and plugged in it should run for a few hours.
Play time aside, it’s an incredible speaker. The sound quality is awesome.

I dont believe in these 30 watts.

Sounds like they could improve on the battery life

I had just ordered a Motion+ as well, and I also had tremendous problems with the battery. On a full charge at max volume, it hardly lasts 90 minutes.

Yes saw your post on the other community.

Thanks for searching and finding a good match thread to reply in, helps keep track of issues and fixes.

I’d say this looks like a dud unit so begin the process of a service support, to possibly lead to replacement. Gather proof of purchase, serial number, description of fault and email

Support don’t (appear to) work weekends so allow til say Tuesday for a reply.

Once you’ve kicked that off, let’s try the usual culprits and fixes.

  • are you sure the battery is flat, when it turns off, is it flat? If you turn on, how long does it last?
  • I ask as the Motion+ has been a very finnicky product (for me), with it auto turn-off for no good reasons. I have one and it did turn off often. I did cure it eventually, but took a few goes. I’m wondering if it’s not flat, so not battery fault, just turns itself off, hence the above question.
  • the design flaw seems to be if it’s ever paired with more than one device, it gets confused and in a fit of confusion turns itself off. In my case it didn’t like phone + laptop being paired, even when not connected at same time.
  • I fixed it by trial’n’error, by:
    • delete all existing pairings. Everything.
    • turn bluetooth off of everything ever paired. Everything.
    • reset speaker.
    • pair with phone (only, nothing else, obviously you need to turn phone bluetooth on, but nothing else you paired with)
    • if not done already yet, install Soundcore phone app, connect to the speaker in the app, check for firmware upgrades.
    • in the Soundcore app, set auto turn off to the maximum, 60 minutes
    • Then if your intention is to use with other than the phone you used above, then:
      • delete pairing on phone, pair with the intended other device.
      • the Motion+ is an old product now, won’t be firmware upgrades in my opinion so uninstall the app if you like also if no other Soundcore products.

That should leave it more reliable.

Please report feedback, if this works, fails, as proven failed ideas are as valuable as proven good ideas.

Also note there is a version 2 hardware version, so check if you have any signs of version 2, if it’s in the field yet as we’re keen to know if it’s better/worse than the original from 2 years ago.

I think you probably have a dud unit as you mention 90 minutes, which differs from my experience of auto turn-off. But worth sharing ideas…

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Really? 90 minutes only.
Not normal.
But this motion + sometimes shows a weird behaviour.

Have you tried an upgrade?

As @professor mentioned its a kind of magic speaker.
Often works perfectly, sometimes it turns off after 1/2 an hour.
As I am an old LINUXER I dont mind so much.
We are happy if a device is working.:grin:


I appreciate the reply. But ya, I figured that I would try to find some other threads to see if people had similar issues.

I have contacted Anker, and I will see what they will say.

For flat battery, I needed to look this up to know what it meant. “1) A flat battery is a battery that does not have enough power to start a vehicle or provide lighting. 2) A battery that has no more electricity.” If this is what you mean by flat battery, then my answer would be this: It’s able to turn on without problem, and it seems to stay on for me. I would imagine that it works the same way as the previous models (especially when I look at the settings in the app) in the fact that it will automatically shut off after a certain period of time if it hasn’t been used, which is 20-30 minutes I think by default if I am not mistaken, although I set it for 10 minutes, but since I am always using it, it stays on, although not for a long time since the battery keeps dying. The speaker shuts off when the battery is dead. The power button shows as being red when the power is low, and I can also see the power level of it through the app, which dies very fast.

Since getting the speaker not too long ago, I have charged it fully on two seperate occasions, and on each time, it barely lasted me 90 minutes. I don’t have any problems with turning it on or off, and it didn’t randomly shut off (except when the battery died), and the sound seemed great. It’s just that the battery life that dies extremely quickly.

So it’s not really an issue with pairing or anything, nor does it shut off on me randomly (except when the battery dies), although thanks for mentioning it though.

Thanks again for the reply and for the information.

Yup, barely 90 minutes, so I don’t know. As I mentioned to @professor, the speaker didn’t shut off unless the battery died, which was extremely quickly. To answer your question regarding if I tried an upgrade, well, that was my whole purpose and point in getting a Motion+ since it would be a step up from my beloved Soundcore 2, although clearly the result was not what I was looking for. (I assume this is what you meant by upgrade)

Your reply sides with the view this is probably a bad battery inside. Wait til official reply (Monday or Tuesday).

It is an ex Speaker, it pines for the Fjords. Look that one up!

I’ve always found official support very reasonable and responsive so worth the wait as it’s Friday.

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If you contacted the support you will get an answer.
But please dont forget its weekend, so you might get an answer next week


After contacting Anker, they told me that with the bass up function on and playing it at max volume, the speaker is only supposed to last 2 hours and 41 minutes, which is complete crap as a standard. Mine lasted around half that time though. I am in the process of finding out more information on how to return it, the sad part being that they claim that I might only get a partial refund.

I have never checked the battery lasting of mine.
But its more than those 2:41.
Keep us informed, please,

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I didn’t need to return my speaker, although they made an exception for me because of where I live. I was able to get a full refund, including the shipping fee.

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Good service!
The best as usual!

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At least you got a full refund :+1: